Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 322 - Too Many Commercials?

I picked up Hillary Ashton from school today and the first words out of her mouth were, "Guess what, Mama? The Children's Place people came to my school today!" I asked her what they said and she said, "They told me to exercise, eat healthy and drink lots of water." Hmmmm. I asked her if they showed them any clothes and she said, "Of course not, Mama." Have I mentioned how wise first graders are? Ha! After a few more questions, we agreed that it wasn't The Children's Place workers that came to her school, it was people from Arkansas Children's Hospital.

I am thinking the branding of Children's Place just might be working :o)

I was quite impressed with everything she learned from ACH today. She was full of great information that she happily shared with me and then her sisters and then her daddy, when he got home from work :o) She LOVES learning new things. She is like a little sponge, soaking up everything!

When we got home, there was a package by the front door. When Hillary Ashton saw it, she squealed, "If it fits, it ships. If it fits, it ships!" Seriously...that is the first thing she thinks when she sees a package on the doorstep? Haha! Cracked me up. She grabbed the box and ran to her sisters yelling, "Hey girlies, if it fits, it ships."


I am thinking the post office commercials are serving their purpose too :o)

One other little funny. Well, the first part isn't is sad...but the second part is...kinda :o) I was working at MDO yesterday and I missed TWO calls from Hillary Ashton's school while I was feeding my two year olds. During nap time, I checked the messages. They wanted to know if I was coming to eat lunch with Hillary Ashton! She was upset that "every other kid had a mommy or daddy eating with them" and she didn't. They let her come sit in the office while they tried to call her parents (yes, they called me and hubby)...neither of which answered their phone! Aggg! I felt awful. Apparently the Thanksgiving lunch at public schools is a HUGE deal. Oops! I had no idea!

Soooo, Daddy went to eat with her today to try and make up for yesterday. He called me afterwards and said, "I got to her school a little late (5 min), but she didn't seem to mind. She said, "Hi Daddy, you are here early!""

After we talked about "The Children's Place" person this afternoon, I asked her about eating with Daddy today. She said, "Mama, you won't believe this. Daddy was so late today. I had already finished my sandwich before he got there. But don't worry, I made him feel good by telling him that he was early." Haha!

Here is a picture Daddy texted me of recess. LOVE that girl!

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Renee said...

Oh my goodness!!! She is SO SWEET! What a kind heart to try to make her dad feel good!