Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 325 - Thanksgiving Crafts...

I WISH I could post pictures of me and my girls doing these crafts, but we haven't done them yet :o( They have been sitting on my to-do list all month. Where does the time go? Hopefully, we will get to them before Thursday...if not maybe next year :o)

LOVE these Thanksgiving placemats. Who knew chalk fabric existed? SO cool! These would be great to keep the girls entertained after the Thanksgiving meal AND great to take when we go out to eat. Click here to see the tutorial.

Okay, I am in LOVE with these cookies. First of all...they are made out of Oreo's :o) Then you add Reese's Peanut Butter cups...need I say more? Haha! Click here or the "how-to."

Our church does a Thanksgiving Feast for the preschool kids. This year, they covered the tables in brown paper and "decorated" the middle of the table with popcorn, candy corn and M&Ms! The kids LOVED it and I did too :o) I plan on doing this at our Thanksgiving table this year. So easy, so fun!

This isn't something I envisioned making, but I think it is awesome. A BREAD cornucopia! The Idea Room has a great tutorial for this!

I want to do this next year, for sure! A thankful bucket by The Idea Room.

I cannot believe it is already time to start thinking CHRISTMAS!! I remember, before we had a hundred kids (okay, so it just feels like that sometimes..haha!), we put up our Christmas tree the day after Halloween. I am HOPING to put it up this weekend. Have you put up your tree(s) yet?


Heather M. said...

LOVE all of your ideas! I won't get to any of them if it makes you feel any better ;) My tree is up. We put it up last weekend. Love it! I am not putting out all of my other Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving tho. Hmmmm....I may have to try to make the little turkeys after all...they are really cute! Hmph! Another trip to the grocery tho!!! Happy Holidays.

Renee said...

I've made those cute cookie turkeys before when subbing at school. I LOVE THEM! And they were a huge hit with the kids! I would go with double stuff oreos or squirt some extra frosting to anchor the candy corns. I SO enjoy your craft ideas!
My tree is (hopefully) going up on Friday. :o)