Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 329 - Black Friday...

Black Friday. It is shocking how early the sales started this year! Midnight...yikes!

The extent of our Black Friday shopping today was stopping by Mimi and Papa's jewelry store. Hillary Ashton picked out a Christmas present for her teacher. And now that I am writing this, I am thinking she purchased it with the five finger discount...whoops! I guess we did end up with a pretty good Black Friday deal after all. Ha!

Hillary Ashton insisted on wrapping the present all by herself...
Luckily Mimi was there to offer a bit of help :o)

I almost forgot. I did make a Black Friday purchase! There is a store down the street from Mimi and Papa's store that sells bows (I LOVE bows!). I went down to get the girls' each a Christmas bow and the store was having double bow card punch day which means I got a FREE bow! Whoo hoo!

When we got back, Hillary Ashton asked what was in the bag. I told her that I got her a bow for Christmas. She said, "Is there a present under the bow?" Ha!

Did any of you guys brave the crowds today? Did you get any great deals? I would love to hear about them!


Sami said...

I was about to knock some people out at JCPenney. I swear the whole town was there. It was a little much. And it was in the afternoon so it wasn't even for the early stuff!! I was pretty happy with the $9.99 men's dress shirts and ties! I saw people camped out in chairs inside WalMart waiting for midnight. I was not one of those.

Laura said...

We did not even leave the house. While I am sure there were great deals to be had, it was rainy and yucky here which made shopping even less desirable than usual!