Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 333 - Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Amidst all of the holiday preparations, my heart is heavy.

A friend from church passed away yesterday, unexpectedly. I am thankful she is healed, although it isn't how I would have liked her to be healed. I am happy that she is whole and complete and in the midst of our Savior, but my heart hurts for her sweet family.

My thoughts have also been consumed by the death of my cousin, Curtis. A year ago this month, he took his own life. He left behind not only a loving family, but also a new bride and an unborn baby. His beautiful baby girl that now nine months old. My heart breaks for that precious baby that will grow up without her Daddy. Life is so unfair.

You may remember me posting about my friend, Dena and her husband, Chris. About a year ago, Chris found out that the kidney cancer they thought he had beat months before had actually spread to his lungs. He has undergone very harsh, cutting edge treatments this year. Yesterday, they received results of a recent scan. The large tumor has grown and a new one has appeared. Please (PLEASE, PLEASE) pray for this amazing family. They have two precious little girls that need their Daddy to be healed. Complete healing is what I am praying for. I KNOW that God is the greatest physician and He can heal Chris. I pray that He does. You can read more about Chris and his battle against cancer here.

Despite all of the heartache, this IS the most WONDERFUL time of the year and that is what I am choosing to focus on. I KNOW that all things work for the good of those that love the Lord. Things may not happen how we would choose them to play out, obviously not in the above situations. BUT, we have to remember we are not able to see the ENTIRE picture. Things may not make sense to us now, but we have to have FAITH in Him. Faith that He is GOOD all of the time...not just when things go our way.

Amidst the sadness surrounding this day, there is great joy. Today is the birthday of three wonderful friends of mine :o)

Happy Birthday to Susie, Ashley and Elisabeth!!

Here is a picture of Elisabeth, Noah, Sophie Le and I at the 2008 Vietnam Family Weekend in Tulsa. I met Elisabeth in Vietnam when we were picking up our babies in 2007. I am SO thankful we had the blessing of sharing that special time with Elisabeth and her family!

Don't forget our pact, Elisabeth :o)


Renee said...

:( We'll be praying.

Unknown said...

I didn't check your blog yesterday. So sorry about your friend. Some things are just so hard to understand. I'm just so glad we have our Lord to trust in during tough times.

That picture was taken so long ago! Look at our sweet babies. Life has changed so much for us in just a few years!! :) One day we will update that picture with ALL of our kids!


Unknown said...
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