Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 336 - Magic Show, Memorial, New Project...

Today, Hillary Asthon's class had a talent show. "Hillary Ashton the Magnificent" and her assistant, Ruby, put on a magic show for her first grade class.
I SO wish I could have been there to see my girl in action. Luckily, Daddy was able to go during his lunch hour and videoed her performance for me :o)
He skped me when he got back to his office and said, "She did great! The kids thought she was really magic!"
When I picked up my baby from school, she came marching out with her hat,magic cape and the BIGGEST smile on her face :o)
She said, "Mama, I did it! I did all of my tricks so good. My class cheered real loud and yelled, "Bravo!" That means they loved it and couldn't get enough of my magic."
When Daddy got home from work, we all piled on the couch to watch the show. You know what, she was right! She did great and all of her class cheered, oohh and were amazed! Yay! It was THE SWEETEST THING ever!

The weather was beautiful today! I don't care what month of the year it it, I LOVE weather in the 60s!!!!! I WISH it would stay warm all year...I HATE cold weather!
This morning, I went to a memorial service for my friend that passed away earlier this week. It was a beautiful service. I pray that I leave a legacy half as inspiring as the one she has left. In the gathering hall of our church, there were lots of pictures from throughout her life and a few cards that were given to her when she was sick. Right on top was a card Sophie Le made for her earlier this year. Sweetness.
Sweetness with a VERY stubborn streak.
When I told Hillary Ashton about Miss T's passing, she smiled and said, "I am happy for her. She is with Jesus and she can walk." {Miss T had lost both of her feet to diabetes} There is nothing better than the faith of a child. LOVE.

Guess who has full blown piggie tails?!?!?!?!?
Could she BE any sweeter?

I started a new project tonight! I think the girls are going to LOVE it!


Emy said...

LOVE HA, she is so hilarious!! The practice video was so adorable!

That is my favorite picture of sophie le yet!

And... I'm SO JEALOUS of the pig tails, is that wrong? I want Eva's hair to GROW! ha ha ha

Jason and Erin said...

That is so true... my nephew asked why he was visiting his grandma's grave... it's not like she's there, right? She's with Jesus, right?