Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 338 - BIG day and Hanging of the Greens...

Today was B.I.G. day at our church. BIG stands for "be present," "invite a friend," and "give generously." It is always a busy, fun day. This morning, the preschool kids got to witness a living naivety, including lots of animals!


Julianne, her sweet teachers and classmates :o)

Checking out the HUGE "moo cow"

Hillary Ashton LOVED the pony and has added it to her Christmas list (Grandparents??)

After checking out the animals, we took Hillary Ashton downstairs to join her class. They had Krispy Kreme donuts and got to listen to Miss Arkansas speak (and sing).

Next up was Sophie Le's class.

Having four kids can make the mornings a bit busy. However, I was very surprised when Sophie Le came out wearing all of these necklaces! How did I miss that? Haha!

Brave girl!

All of the preschoolers got to pick a handmade ornament off of the Christmas tree...

Tonight was the Hanging of the Greens. It is always a beautiful service. The children all sang in groups, scripture was read and the greens were hung :o) Haha! I didn't get any pictures of Le singing on stage because I was with my choir group, but Daddy videoed it. She did great. Sweet girl. It was sooooo sweet watching her on stage singing with her friends. She looked so little :o)

Here is Hillary Ashton singing (can you find her?)...

It seems like yesterday, we were watching this group sing in the 3 year old choir! Time passes so quickly!

I am always struggling with how much I should "tame" Hillary Ashton. She can be VERY spirited and VERY excitable. Which I LOVE. Her personality couldn't be more different than mine at her age. I used to HATE getting in front of crowds and I would always try to hide behind someone in my group. My girl LOVES being right in front and performing her little heart out. That includes singing the loudest, using very big motions and dancing to the music. Honestly, I LOVE it all. It all comes from a pure heart that loves praising the Lord :o) However, I don't want her to take away from the other kids or to be a distraction which is the direction her performance was headed during rehearsals on Wednesday. I debated whether or not to say anything to her because I don't want her to change. I just asked her to stay true to herself, but tone down her performance a bit :o) She still sang loud and boogied a bit, but I think it was the perfect amount :o) We still got the usual smiling glances and giggles from the other parents, but I was so proud of her for finding a good balance :o)

Fun day.


Kandi said...

I loved watching her last night. She and Annie crack me up! I'll take personality over rule follower any day. Especially with a heart like hers!

Heather M. said...

Very cute! I often worry about the same thing with our boys...extroverts is almost too mild of a word to describe them!!! Honestly, just trying to tame their spirits a little bit....trying to keep their little personalities shining through tho! Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season!