Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 339 - Broadcast, Mail & Food...

Gotta make it quick tonight...I HAVE to finish my project or I will have to wait until Christmas 2011 to enjoy it :o(

Last Thursday, Hillary Ashton got to be one of the student broadcasters on the school's daily news show, B**** Broadcast. Today she brought home a dvd of her performance. SO SWEET! I think she did a great job! My girl REALLY wants to be on for real. She asks pretty often if she can be on a t.v. show. I am telling you, the apple fell FAR from the tree...haha!

When we got home this afternoon, I had to CLEAN the girls' room. They straighten it (almost daily), but there is nothing like a good mama cleaning, ya know? Haha! You would not believe what all I found under the bunk beds (and it has NOT been long since I cleaned their room). To say I am nervous about one of my child's next dentist visit would be an understatement! Goodness gracious.

One last thing...only 25 more days of blogging!!! Whoo hoo. This also means I am off by a day on my blog titles...ugg! Gotta figure that one out asap :o)

This picture doesn't really relate to anything, but I just miss the warm weather SO MUCH...


Hei Yan said...

i hope you won't stop blogging after you're done with the 365 project! please do blog even just once a week haha! i love checking your blog everyday.


Heather M. said...

Hahaha! I love this picture...her little belly sticking die for! Too sweet! Pictures like this really make me wish C had a sister :( You'll have to keep blogging for sure! I'm definately not doing the 365! I totally dropped the ball starting in the Fall..Oops!