Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 340 - Economics & Olives...

Hillary Asthon's elementary school has an emphasis in Economics. I think I may have mentioned that before. They are "paid" 25 cents each day they have good behavior and come to school prepared. They can either save their money or spend it at the school store. There are big tickets items, such as "Main Event" that they are encouraged to save their money for.

Once a year, each class goes to the principal (who is AWESOME!) and presents a business plan and requests a loan. The class uses their loan money to buy supplies to make products to sell at the B**** Bazaar. After the sale, they repay the loan to the principal and use the profit to purchase items for their class. I LOVE the school's common sense/real life approach to economics. I think most of our spend, spend, spend world could benefit from a some basic first grade lessons regarding money :o)

Tonight all of the classes set up booths at a local church to sell their items. Hillary Ashton was SO EXCITED about going to the bazaar! She insisted on wearing her tutu so she could "model how cool it is so other people will want to buy on too." Haha!
My baby made that tutu...pretty impressive :o)

Her excitement inspired me to load up all four kids and take them by myself to the bazaar...in the cold...after dark. Thank goodness, Daddy met us there after work!
LOVE how Julianne is eyeing her sister's peppermint stick...she had already eaten her treat :o)

The bazaar was packed!
Hillary Ashton's class used their loan money to make tutus and Razorbacks signs.
I mean come on, could their be a better product for my child's class to make? Haha! Luckily, the parents of each class had the opportunity to purchase items made by their child's class (and their child specifically) before the B***** Bazaar because by the time we got their tonight, Hillary Ashton's class booth was SOLD OUT! I think they were the first class to sell out :o) WOW!!

Hillary Ashton ADORES her teacher. I ADORE her teacher too :o) It probably won't surprise you to know that I was very hesitant about public school. I NEVER envisioned any of my children attending public schools (in our city/state). When we enrolled Hillary Ashton, I didn't expect much from her school or her teacher. I am SO THANKFUL my hesitations have been proven wrong! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her school and I cannot imagine a better teacher for Hillary Ashton. Ms. F***** is AMAZING. She is fun, engaging, creative and energetic. Definitely an answered prayer. God is so good.

Tonight, we gave Hillary Ashton $10 to shop. She chose a picture (in a frame) with The Grinch...
And a cute, wooden snowman...
She may have picked up one of those peppermint candy decorations and started eating it...oops!

Julianne giving mommy a kiss pose :o) Can't get enough of those!

Sophie Le has been having some challenging days lately. I really can't complain too much because she did totally skip the "terrible twos." Her Daddy told her this morning that if she could be good all day, he would bring her black olives after work. It worked!!!! She was SO GOOD today!!!
Best $1.47 we have ever spent!!

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Emy said...

Hmmm, black olives. I wonder if that would work for Eva's challenging days! UGH! We've been having LOTS of tantrums lately! :o(