Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 343 - TGIF!!!

I LOVE the weekends! I am so thankful tomorrow is Saturday and I can sleep in (IF three certain little girls will stay in their room and play when they wake up!). It is so funny to say "sleep in" these days. Haha! I am thinking if I do get to sleep in, I will still be up by 8 a.m. Before kids, that would be getting up early on a weekend :o)

This morning, Jonah had his one year doctor's appointment. He is holding steady on the growth chart...right around the 5 percentile. He is proportional...height, weight and head circumference are all about the same percentile, but I SOOOOO want him to gain weight. He loves to eat and he eats often and plenty. I transitioned him to whole milk and all regular food over the last week so hopefully that will help pack on the ounces :o) He had to get four shots and blood drawn today at the visit. He did really good. I am soooooooooo thankful because Julianne also had to get shots :o( That girl does NOT like shots. I don't mean that she cries when she get them. I mean she FREAKS OUT at the mention of shots and FIGHTS when it is time to get them. I hate it so much for her. I didn't tell her that she had to get shots today, but for some reason she was suspicious. When the nurse came in with her shots, she looked over at Julianne and JuJu's bottom lip came out and she started backing up against the wall. It really was pitiful. I carried her kicking and screaming over to the table and she kept yelling, "No Mama. No Mama." I felt HORRIBLE. It sure would be nice if Daddy could take off work and take her next time she has to get shots (hint, hint).

This was a big week for Hillary Ashton. She was the school's Character Kid of the week (it was announced on the daily news broadcast...she LOVED that!). Her character trait is "caring." She also got a free coupon to eat at Taco Bell. Right now she has free meals at Purple Cow, Playtime Pizza, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell! They sure believe it rewarding with free meals at her school :o) Yesterday, the entire first grade took a field trip downtown to see the Nutcracker and to sing at a nursing home. She really enjoyed both activities. She had a lot to say about the Nutcracker ballet, but she had even more to say about the nursing home. She was most impressed with a lady that could take her teeth out!

We are starting our advent calendar tomorrow...I FINALLY got DONE with my project this afternoon :o) Whoo hoo!! I am soooo excited and I know the girls love it! Yay!

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