Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 344 - Advent Stockings & Christmas Cards...

We started our advent stockings this morning and they are a hit!!! YAY!! I just LOVE surprising my girls and watching them get so excited :o) There is NOTHING like it in the world :o)

The girls had seen me working on the stockings (I seriously felt like there were 1000 of them!!) over the last week, mostly in the carpool line :o) However, they had no idea what they were for.


Obviously, we missed a couple days this December, but baby come December 2011...we will be READY :o) Haha!

I am sure you all know about advent calendars, but just in case you don't here is how we are doing ours this year: Each morning, the girls will look in that days's stocking where they will find a letter explaining that day's Christmas treat/outing/activity/etc... There is also a candy cane that they will move each day to mark what day we are currently celebrating. The candy cane will also help them easily countdown the days till Christmas!!

I just wish I could bottle up their excitement as they grabbed today's letter! SO, SO, SO SWEET!


Please disregard the totally dead plant on the hearth...gotta get that outta there! Haha!


Julianne listening to Hillary Ashton read today's letter....

Today's stocking also had two Christmas Recess Peanut Butter Cups...MY FAVORITE...for each girl...

And a favorite of the girls'

This picture turned out blurry, but I love how it truly represents how fast they were running up the stairs to find their prize for today. Today's riddle led them to Daddy's closet!

Today's Christmas treat...Cute little gingerbread girl plates and cups...

Julianne loved her cup and held onto it while she ate her breakfast even though the cup was empty :o) I LOVE little kids!

After watching a Christmas movie, we worked on our Christmas cards...
Yay for Shutterly cards. We LOVE them!!!!



After a nice Saturday drive, we wrapped presents and watched more Christmas movies :o) So thankful for a fun, productive day!! Wrapping and Christmas cards...feels so good to get a couple things marked off the list.

Hope everyone had a great Saturday! Only two more weeks until Christmas!!!!!!!

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Laura said...

I love your stockings! That must have taken you weeks...hence the dead plant on your hearth! I know that is something your babies will love for years to come!

Stef said...

I'm soo going to make an advent for my 2 yr old next year!! I better get started now.. lol I love how yours turned out!

The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

So cute! Love your ideas! And what a sweet bunch of girls you have! :)

Naturally Me Creations said...

Very cute! I've been wondering what this advent calender thing is all about...i had NO idea! :)

Tnx for linking up all those little crafts at Naturally Me Creations! :)

Naturally Me Creations said...
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Shelly @A Creative Space said...

Another great idea! Great gift to someone with young children too. :)