Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 347 - Gifts Kids Can Make {Bottle Cap Necklaces}

First things first...Christmas stockings :o) I am sooooo excited that the girls are enjoying the daily stockings so much. It almost makes all of the tedious sewing and cutting worth it :o) Haha! Just kidding...seeing the excitement in their eyes makes that project totally worth it :o)

I LOVE (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) listening to Hillary Ashton read the letters each day. And I LOVE (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) watching the little girls listen so intently to their big sister. Probably my favorite moments of the past few days :o)

Today's stocking held Recess peanut butter cups and also told them about our afternoon project...making bottle cap necklaces for their friends for Christmas!

On Day 273, we started making bottle cap necklaces using this tutorial. Hillary Ashton was SO excited to start this project. One of the last steps is to let the bottle cap dry overnight. We set the caps on the desk to dry overnight...and overnight tuned into a couple months...oops! Hillary Ashton started school a few days later then baseball games and practices started and well, I guess this project got put on the back, back, back burner :o)

However, we are back in the bottle cap business :o) Hillary Ashton and Sophie Le are making necklaces for their friends for Christmas presents :o) I LOVE that the girls can makes these gifts themselves...with just a little help from Mama :o)


For this project, you will need Diamond Glaze, bottle caps, ribbon, jewelery clasps, glue, drill with 1/16 drill bit and either scissors or 1" hole punch (just got one last week...LOVE it!).

Your first steps is to find an image to use for your necklace. You can use anything! Pictures, initials, the possibilities are endless. We download a set of designs from a website. We LOVE the cute little owls and I download some cute gingerbread girls for their friends :o)

If you print your images on a laser printer, you are ready to go. If you print them on an ink jet printer, you will need to laminate your image so the ink doesn't run when you apply the glaze later. If you have them printed at the store, you won't need to laminate.

Next, drill a hold in the top of the bottle cap. Btw, those are hubby's hands...not mine :o) No "man hands" here...haha! Anyone know what show that is from? Btw, you are right Jamie, yesterday's quote is from Office Space...we love that movie too :o)

Next, apply glue to the back of your image.

Next, glue the image to either the top or inside of the bottle cap. Be sure and line up the top of your image with the hole you drilled.

Now comes the fun part :o) Apply diamond glaze to the image. Start in the middle and spread the glaze to the sides. If you get any bubbles, use a pin to work them out. You don't want bubbles...bubbles aren't pretty :o)

Yay! Now let your cap dry overnight...but don't forget about it the next day :o)

That brings us back to present day :o) We dug around and found our cute little caps. The owl with the glasses is Hillary Ashton's and the "big sister" on is for Sophie Le.

Attach your fasteners on the end of your ribbon and apply "no fray" or carefully burn the edges of your ribbon to prevent fraying.

And Easy!

As I mentioned before, the possibilities are endless when it comes to bottle caps :o) You can make them boyish, girlish, you can make necklaces, backpack charms, magnets, etc. So fun! These would make great gifts for anyone :o)

We will be working on more gifts in the next few weeks so check back :o)


Anonymous said...

these came out awesome!

Lisa said...

It's so great that you have the girls doing so many art projects and being crafty. Those were some of my best memories as a kid!

Cap Creations said...

Great job girls! They look wonderful! Easy huh? And I know the friends will love them.

Thanks so much for the link too!