Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 350 - Adoption, Marriage and Party...

No matter what, I can always count on my kids to make me laugh...everyday. I am so thankful for that :o)

Here are two prime examples...

1. A Conversation from yesterday's "Holiday Party" at Hillary Ashton's school...

Hillary Ashton's friend (whom she plays with almost daily): "Hillary Ashton, who are those kids with your mom?"
HA: Hahaha...that is my sister and my brother.
Friend: What about the one your mom is holding?
HA: (in a "duh" attitude) I told you, that is my little brother (she kisses Jonah every time she refers to him).
Friend: {obviously not satisfied with HA's answer turns to me and asks} "Who are those kids with you?"
Me: This is my daughter, Sophie Le. She is four years old. And this is HA's sweet little brother, Jonah. He just turned one!"
Friend: {turns her attention back to Hillary Ashton} "Hillary Ashton, you look SO DIFFERENT than your family."
HA: Hahahaha! "Thank you!"

Surprisingly, this is the first time I have ever heard another child say something like that to her so I thought we might need to discuss it a bit once we got to the car.

Me: Hillary Ashton, I had so much fun at your school party. Thank you for inviting me and the kids to come.
HA: I am so glad you came.
Me: What did you think about what ****** said?
HA: What did she say?"
Me: About you looking different that your family.
HA: Mama, she didn't mean "different."
Me: Oh. What did she mean?
HA: She meant good. She thinks our family looks good. You know, like "good looking."

Haha! Oh, to live in that child's world!

2. Tonight at dinner, I told Sophie Le to guess who is coming to Arkansas this summer. Surprisingly, her second guess was "Noah." We met Noah and his family while we were in Vietnam picking up Sophie Le. Noah is three weeks older than Le and he was born at an orphanage in Southern Vietnam like Le. She has seen him twice since their first meeting at 6 months old :o) Needless to say, I was a bit surprised she guessed him.

Me: "Sophie Le, how in the world did you know to guess Noah? Do you even know who that is?"
Sophie Le: "Yes Mama. That is the boy I am going to marry when I get big."

WOW!!!! I do have an arranged marriage agreement with Noah's mom :o) However, I think I have only mentioned it in Sophie Le's presence a couple times (A LONG TIME AGO) in a joking manner. Haha! Well, I can't say I am disappointed at her answer!

Hillary Ashton: "Mama, who am I gonna marry?"

YES!! Any chance they will actually let me pick their husbands in 20 years? Haha!

Me: "I am not sure Hillary Ashton. We may not know your future husband yet. We have plently of time to find you a good one." Haha!
HA: "Well I have four ideas. How about ****, *****, ***** or ****?"

I am more than a bit worried that she was able to rattle off these names so easily!

Me: "Well, I don't even know who **** and **** are."
HA: "They are both in my class and are really funny. You saw them yesterday. One is peach and one is brown. I like both of them."

I am beyond curious as to what our family will look like in 30 or so years. Right now we have a peach, light brown and two dark brown babies. Who knows what race of person each of them will end up marrying. Growing up in such a culturally and racially diverse family there is no telling what each of the girls "type" will be :o)

Today was pajama day at Hillary Ashton's school. This is probably her favorite day of each school year. That child LOVES wearing comfy clothes. LOVES it.

Ready to go!

As I was sitting in the carpool line this afternoon, I noticed that none of the fifth graders had on pajamas as they walked out of their building to the main building for pickup. As I approached the pick-up spot in front of the school, I watched as each child got into their car...NOT ONE CHILD WAS WEARING PAJAMAS! My heart sank. Oh my gosh! What if I got mixed up and today was not pajama day? My heart was racing as I pulled up and they called out Hillary Ashton.

As I was waiting on Hillary Ashton, I saw Hillary Ashton's teacher run out of the building to see a parent in the car in front of me. I couldn't help but smile when I saw what she was pink, footed pajamas! Yay! I didn't get the wrong day AND her teacher is so cool :o) Haha! Apparently only the first graders got to wear pjs today because they were the only ones watching The Polar Express...haha!

I also have to mention that Hillary Ashton's principal trotted to the car right beside her to help her carry her blanket, mat and pillow. I am so thankful that she is in such a great school!

We had to book it to a local restaurant for one of her friend's birthday party. The invitation said to wear a "fancy" dress. If Hillary Ashton can't wear pjs...a fancy dress is her second choice :o) She had to change in the car...I wonder how much longer we can get away with that?

Her "fancy" choice for today...ALL GOLD :o) Gold dress, gold shoes, gold headband, gold bracelet...her Ganny would be proud! Haha!

I was so thankful to spend almost all day at the house today!! I got ALL of the presents wrapped and under the tree...whoo hoo! I am not sure what the girls are going to think about Jonah having to most presents under the tree this year :o) Who knew cars, tool kits, etc were so fun to shop for? Haha!


Can you believe Christmas is next weekend? Are you ready?


Unknown said...

OH MY! Amy that is so funny!! I am ALL FOR our arrangement. :) Maybe Sophie will tell Noah that when we see you. I'd LOVE to see his reaction because right now he says he is going to marry mommy....melt my heart!


Leigh said...

OK funny internet friend, you ALMOST have me convinced that I need a 365 next year. I'm gonna set it up and send you the address. No more Babbling Booth, but we'll think of something. You've just done such an awesome job with yours!

Love your family...your stories, your pictures!

Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

@Elisabeth - That is so sweet. I am hoping Noah will warm up to Le this summer. Remember in Tulsa how she kept trying to hug him and he was have no part of it? haha!

@Leigh - Whoo hoo!! I am sooo excited!