Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 352 - Twinkies...

We are quickly approaching decision time with our precious foster son, Jonah. It is such a bittersweet and confusing time. In the last week, two GREAT options have been revealed to our family. We are having a really hard time deciding what is best for Jonah. Although, the wild card is still a possibility...not probable...but possible. No matter what is decided, big changes are on the horizon.

{Sorry for the generality, but we can't talk specifics regarding Jonah's case}

I have to share a funny story from this morning.

A little background. We have three girls. Often, we dress the girls alike...or as "twinkies." Mama has been known to coordinate with the girls from time to time :o) Before this morning, I had never thought about Daddy being left out.

This morning as we were getting the girls ready in their Christmas dresses, Daddy asked if I thought he should wear a suit or just dress pants and a dress shirt. I told him that I thought either would be fine :o) Next, we got Jonah ready. I bought him a new pair of khakis, a blue/plaid button down shirt and brown shoes to wear this morning.

Daddy and I went about our business of getting ready while the kids watched cartoons. Daddy got ready first and headed downstairs. I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked downstairs and saw him standing in the kitchen. Daddy ditched the "dress pants or suit" idea and opted for khakis and a blue/plaid button down shirt with brown shoes. HAHAHAAHAHA! He would never admit to it, but he totally picked out his outfit to coordinate with Jonah! LOVE IT!


I think Daddy kinda likes having a boy :o)


emtea said...

That is TOO cute!!!!

Jennifer said...

So super cute! Loved getting my kisses yesterday from sweet Jonah. Hope he saved enough for you!