Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 353 - Pictures with Santa...Link Up!

Pictures with Santa. I can't help but smile at each and every picture of our kids with Santa over the years. It truly shows the evolution of our family.

For example, Christmas 2001. Hubby and I were dating. Earlier in the year, we each adopted a yorkie. Sisters. He had Sadie and I had Hailey. I always think, "Man, what did we do before we had kids?" Looking back on this photo, I am reminded. We bought cute outfits for our yorkies and took them to the dog park :o) Oh, and apparently we took them to see Santa at Christmas. Haha!
Christmas 2002. We adopted our first dog together in the spring, Harley. We got married that May. We lost Sadie very unexpectedly in the Fall :o) She was such a sweet, good dog. Apparently, our life still revolved around our furry pets because here is that years picture with Santa :o)
Fast forward another year...another Santa picture for Hailey and Harley :o) Oh sweet doggies, if you only knew what the next year would bring...a little sister named Hillary Ashton :o)

This picture brings back SO many memories. I remember everything about that day...probably because we videoed the entire meeting and watched it a hundred times :o) My oldest baby girl at six months still my heart!

Christmas 2005...we had started the adoption journey to Sophie Le this year...she would be born 10 months after this picture was taken. We used to get a lot of "she looks just like daddy" at this stage of Hillary Ashton's life...I think it is because they had the same hair-do :o)

Christmas precious baby girl. Her last Christmas as the only child. We got "the call" about her little sister, Sophie Le, just a few weeks before this picture was taken :o)

Christmas 2007...two kids must have rocked our world because I have NO picture evidence that we went to see Santa :o) Haha!

Christmas 2008...I hate to admit it because of Sophie Le's obvious distress, but this is probably my all-time favorite picture with Santa! Haha! Every time Sophie Le sees this picture, she says, "My shoe popped off." Haha! Nothing about Santa...only her shoe!

Christmas 2009...whew, what a year. We started foster care this year. We fostered "little man" and "little lady" in the spring for four months and then we brought home Julianne from Ethiopia in June. In November, Jonah was born and joined our family. This picture comes in a very close second as a favorite :o)
{Little Jonah is in his carrier on the right!}

Christmas 2010...that brings us to present day :o) Sophie Le actually ASKED to see Santa this year. I was shocked! This year, it was Julianne's turn to flip out :o) You can't tell from the picture, but it was a MAJOR flip out...I think Santa even got a little stressed...haha!

So, let's see your pictures! You can post this years, your favorite or as many as you want. I just LOVE the story each picture can tell.

{The easiest way to use Linky, is to post the Santa picture to your blog and link to can be a past blog post that has the picture in it. When you chose "next" after entering your link and such, it will let you select what picture you want to have as the thumbnail. You can also upload a picture from your computer. To view a person's picture larger, just click on it and it will take you to their blog, if they linked to it...whew!}

I can't wait to see your pictures!!!

Here we go...


Anonymous said...

Such a fun post! I love all these pictures. Poor Sophie Le took a while to warm up to Santa, but just look at her now! I love watching your beautiful family grow over the years. :)

Unknown said...

Amy! I pulled Dan out of bed to see these pictures! I am STILL laughing as I type! The looks on your children's faces AND Santa's face in many of the photos are great! I especially like the look on Santa's face holding the black dog and the yorkie, he's not even looking at the camera. Oh and the look on Sophie Le's face last year with Julianne reaching out for you....and THIS year's Santa expression..oh my!! :)