Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 361 - A Few of My Favorite Days...

It was on a complete whim that I decided to post everyday of 2010. There were many days that I almost forgot (or just didn't want to) post. Overall, I am so thankful that I did! With only four days to go...I think I just might make it :o)

It is so crazy that I can look back and see what we have done pretty much everyday of 2010! I just love looking back and seeing how much the girls have grown and reading about our "normal" days.

Here are a few of my "Fave Days" of 2010...

Day 221...BeautifulDSC02555

Day 75..."If you Read My Blog Yesterday..."

Day 66..."Hillary Ashton Gets Baptized!"

Day 45..."Best.Day.Ever"

Day 11..."MRI, Zoo & Blog List"

Day 61..."Hillary Ashton Gets Glasses."

Day 336..."Magic Show, Memorial & New Project"

Day 289..."My Wish"
Are those the sweetest lips or what?

Day 263..."Great News!!!!!!"

Day 240..."Uncle Ethiopia"

Day 30..."Snow, Searching & Sewing"

Day 20..."A Little Seed"

Day 82..."FUN DAY! Winners, Parks, Shopping & More Daffodils"

Day 87..."Tulips, Tulips & More Tulips"

Day 113..."A Flashback to Ethiopia & Foster Care"

Day 175..."Celebrating the Girls with a SWEET party & Kittens!!!!"

Day 146..."Happy UnBirthday Hillary Ashton"

Day 134..."May 15...Forever Family Day"

Day 174..."Birthday Celebration #4 and First Sleepover"

Day 154..."A New Day, A New Attitude & Friends of Fanose Update"

Day 170..."BEST craft of the Summer, Potty Training & Birthday Preparations"

Day 225..."Boat Ride to Shell Island"

Day 266..."Baseball and Roommates"

Day 331..."Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree"

Day 316..."Birthday Boy & Generosity"

Day 296..."Happy Birthday Baby"

I know I am probably leaving out some good ones :o) I reserve the right to add to this list...haha!

Unfortunately today did not make the fact, it was probably one of the worst. I am so sad for Jonah and all foster kids in "the system." It is SO broke...not fair!


Lisa said...

Oh, Amy! I am so sad today is not one of the good days. That news was such a let down after seeing all those happy memories of 2010.

Dawn said...

Amy, I am so sorry that you didn't get good news today. Praying for you, your family and little Jonah. Don't lose heart, God is in control, even when life looks weak.

Mom of 7 said...

I am so sorry to hear today was a sad day for your sweet boy. I have been reading your blog, and was in anticipation of good news after today's court. You are so right, the system is so broke. I thank my lucky stars that we had a good outcome, b/c it was so close to not being that way so many times, and I know too many that don't have happy endings. Praying for you and your little guy.

You have so many beautiful pictures of your family. So glad you could reflect on all those today.

Renee said...

When will you know something more about Jonah's future?

Jason and Erin said...

I'm just sick to hear that you received sad news. Thinking of you and Jonah.

Jenn said...

Great pictures!! Love it! Thanks for sharing your year. I'm sorry you had and Jonah had such a bad day. I will be praying for you both.