Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 364 - Finished Purse, Bantu Knots & Wii Dance...

Okay guys, you are in for a real treat :o) Hillary Ashton (age 6) got a sewing machine for Christmas and she wanted to make a purse "how-to" for the blog :o) Haha! This is her very FIRST solo sewing project. I am one proud mama :o)


Step one, make a one inch fold on each end of your fabric and sew down with a straight stitch...
Trim excess thread...
Next, cut a piece of fabric to make a pocket. She used a rectangle piece of felt and cut a blue piece of ric rac to sew across the top. She's fancy like that :o)
Pin & sew the ric rac to the top of your pocket...
Fold your fabric in half (right side out) and pin the pocket to the center of the front...
Sew the pocket around three sides...leave top open :o)
Don't forget to trim your excess thread :o)
Next, fold your fabric in half with wrong side out...
Sew both sides together with a straight stitch...
Turn right side out...
Cut ribbon for each handle (make sure they are the same...haha!)...
Sew ribbon on BY HAND...
If you like things fancy, like Hillary Ashton, you might want to add buttons to the front of your purse...
Check out that handiwork!
That's my baby!
You guys, she even threaded her needle all by herself!!
Her machine even came with a mini tomato to match mine!

I have a friend named Leigh. She is one of the "cool kids" in our Vietnamese adoption circle :o) She is one of those friends that pressure you into doing things that you aren't really comfortable with, but you do anyway just to make them happy and stay in their good graces. Haha! She got a wild idea last night that involved Julianne and Bantu Knots. She can be a bit persistent and I knew she wouldn't let up until she saw Julianne sporting some cute Bantu Knots. I decided to just get it over with this morning :o) Btw, Leigh has committed to blog everyday of 2011 :o) She is also an awesome photographer and she will be posting lots of awesome pictures on her blog in 2011. Haha!

I started by washing Julianne's hair with a conditioning shampoo and separating her hair into sections. I then sit her on the bed and told her about Leigh's plans for her hair. This was her reaction...
Once I put on some PBS kids, she was game :o)
First things first...detangling. I have only done this three times before (GASP!). However, today I used a method I found HERE (thanks Jess!) and I am happy to report there were NO TEARS. In fact, I plan to do this once a week from now on :o)
Her hair is actually pretty long...
Btw, I applied a leave-in conditioner to each section as I worked with it (Carol's Daughter). After you section and detangle the hair, you take one section and divide it into two stands. Then just twist the two stands until you get to the end. Then wrap it around itself and put in a band. This style is actually really similar to the "pig buns" I put in the older girls' hair.
There ya go, Bantu Knots!
Julianne cried a little bit when she first looked in the mirror, but I think she was just surprised. I held her for a minute and asked if she wanted to look at it again and she did. She touched it and then said, "I like it." Haha!
When we went to pick up Hillary Ashton, she was shocked. SHOCKED. She kept saying, "JuJu just doesn't look like JuJu."

Honestly, I am not in love with the 'do. I prefer simple hair styles. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her afro. LOVE. Tonight, I took down the back and I LOVE the sweet, larger curls that the twists created. I left the four front "knots" in and I like this 'do. We will probably leave it like this for a day or two. It is just much simpler and softer.

We continued playing with Christmas presents today :o) We spent WAY too much time playing Wii Dance. It is just too FUN! Haha! We played a lot this afternoon and then Daddy played with us after supper. Wouldn't you know, he has the highest score!


Even Jonah likes Wii Dance. He was memorized watching the girls dance. He watched them this afternoon until he couldn't hold his eyes open any longer. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE holding a sleeping baby.

One more day to post and I will accomplish my goal of posting EVERYDAY of 2010!! Whoo hoo!

A BIG thanks to Life with the Lebedas for featuring my S'more boxes on her blog :o)


Leigh said...

LOL! I am humbled, honored, and SO not very cool, but thank you for indulging me. Oh, and no pressure now about blogging. ;P (Don't know what kind of face that is, but I'm using it!) BTW, please tell HA how IMPRESSED I am with her straight seams! WOW! I need more tutorials from her!

So, you don't heart Bantu, whatch doin' next week? LOL!

The Garners said...

Way to go, Hillary Ashton! Wow, you did such a GREAT GREAT job on that project!

Jenn said...

Oh how fun! I bet they loved doing that. Awesome!

Your so fun!

I thought I was following you already but I am now! :D You have a great blog! I'm swinging by from Mommy Madness to wish you a Happy New Year!

Enjoy your weekend!

Dianna said...

That Leigh Booth... SUCH a bad influence! *lol* Love those sweet knots - too cute!

Lori@Paisley Passions said...

Such great tutorials! I love that she did the bag all by herself. The pics are darling :) Thanks for linking up and sharing on Thrilling Thursday @ Paisley Passions.

Sami said...

I just got my first sewing machine too! Maybe Hillary Ashton can come teach me a few things :)

Heather M. said...

I like her hair any way...she's just a beautiful girl no matter what! Happy New Year! I am committing to one day a week...that's it! I'll try to accomplish it. I will enjoy following Leigh's Blog though..she does take amazing pictures! Ahhhh...the pressure's on her! LOL! Love It!

AllieMakes! said...

Great job on the purse! It is really cute!
From one nappy-haired gal to another: Only use silicone-free products. They have strange names and for a while your do more internet serching on which product is or isn't, but it is worth it! It took me 35 years to learn this, but since I have, I can actually grow my hair and have it HEALTHY!
Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!