Saturday, January 15, 2011

American Girl Outift!

Hillary Ashton picked out a pattern (HER FIRST) and fabric at the store yesterday. She chose a pattern to make clothes for her American Girl doll. It was precious watching her browse the different fabrics trying to decide which ones she liked the best and "would look best on her baby."

I wish I could bottle up the excitement she had about starting her first "real project." The first step was deciding what to make. Each pattern usually has several different pieces you can make...shirt, pants, jumper, jackets, etc. She studied each of the options and finally decided to make a jumper.

I was so proud of how careful she was with each step. She really wanted to do a good job and she did! She took her time and did her best.

Cutting out the pieces...
...and pinning the pattern to her fabric...
...cutting the fabric...
...and ironing...
...and lot and lots of sewing! Such concentration!

Getting "Little Hillary Ashton" ready...

She said, "I love making clothes for my baby just like you love to make clothes for your babies." Haha!

Honestly, I am blown away at how well she did! She did a heck of a lot better on her first project that I did on mine (and that was just a few years ago...haha!). If I remember correctly, my first project was also a jumper for my baby (Hillary Ashton). I think it took me a week to make it!


She has decided to add doll clothes to her store...she is just waiting on Daddy to "go rent that place beside Domino's." Haha! And you know what? She wouldn't be surprised AT ALL if we went there tomorrow and opened a store for her. Haha! Maybe in a couple years :o)


Leigh said...

I was sewing today and thinking of my mom. :( I didn't sew when I was little, but I am SO proud of HA for taking an interest in it so young! SO impressive!

Is it just me, or is her hair getting darker? She's so precious...I love her little glasses too!

Renee said...

AHHHHH!!!! That is so great!!!!

Laura said...

I love the outfit! She did an amazing job! I remember trying to sew together a project in junior high and sewed my sleave to it! And, I was about 13 at the time. She will need that store very soon at the rate she is going!

Mom of 7 said...

She did great!! I can't sew anything like that! She is inspriring me to try though :)