Sunday, January 30, 2011

Attached & Boogers...

The kids after church this morning...

Julianne's face cracks me up. That's my JuJu! Two year olds are so much fun :o)

As a follow-up to my concern about Julianne's recent hugging spree (which could be considered "shopping for a new mommy" in the adoption books)...a lady JuJu doesn't know asked to hold her today and she agreed and then the lady said, "You are just so cute, can I take you home?" And Julianne shook her head, stuck out her lip and reached for mama. Whew!

Also, a greeter at church saw our family today and said, "Wow, what a colorful family." Question...was he talking about our clothes or the colors of our skin? Just curious. The comment just kinda took me off guard and has stuck with me all day.

This afternoon, I spent hours (literally hours) looking for Hillary Ashton's reading book and money game from school. I looked EVERYWHERE. I cannot imagine where in the world it could be, but I suspect that a certain little sister put it in the place it is resting now. Ugg! There is nothing I hate more that looking for something...and then not finding it!

Jonah has several single words he says daily...mama, daddy, ashton, ju ju, le le, bye, hi, nana, lola (the cat)...and he will usually put hi and bye in front of the mama or dada...he also you, which melts my heart everytime. Today he added a pretty good phrase to his vocabulary...

"Don't do that."

I could not stop laughing and neither could he :o) It was so funny. I guess he was pretty serious about getting his desires across to mommy. What could spur such good talking? He was telling mama not to pick a booger out of his nose! Haha!

I found out today that a mom {she is a friend of a friend} that brought home a little Ethiopian girl last summer just found out this week that her daughter has a fatal illness. My heart hurts so much for this mom (a single mom). The little girl is two years old. The family lives in the Central Arkansas area...PLEASE keep them in your prayers. It is just tragic.

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Renee said...

Oh my goodness! That poor mommy!!! I'll pray for a miracle! :(