Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Busy Day...

My heart is back to blogging tonight...the Angry Birds have been completely taken care! I can now move on with my life :o) Haha!

We started the day with school and MDO. We were into a great morning groove before Christmas...in fact, Hillary Ashton was not tardy one time during the first semester. Now, only weeks into semester two, she has been late (just by a minute, but it still counts as a tardy) twice (yesterday and today). We actually get to the school about six to seven minutes early, but the carpool line is sooooooooooooo long at that time. Bummer. I watch the minutes tick by waiting our turn.

I told Hillary Ashton I was really sorry she was late again this morning and she said, "It's not big thing, Mama. I like being late because I get to go see the principal and he really likes me." My girl lives in her own little world and I hope that doesn't change anytime soon.

After school, we hurried home and loaded a load of dishes in the dishwasher (baby gotta have some bottles..haha!), did homework and then headed to Chic-Fil-A for fundraiser for Hillary Ashton's school. We didn't have time to do reading homework before we left home so we did that in the car..

It has been well documented that I don't like the fact that my babies are growing up SO fast. One thing that I do love about my baby growing up is being able to listen to her read. I can't get enough of it. It is a sweet, sweet sound to my ears.

We only had a few minutes to spare so we got our food to go and Hill high-fived the cow, hugged a couple friends and played a game. Mission accomplished :o)

Tonight, sweet boy and I started the task of obtaining our Continuing Education for foster care. We are required to get 15 hours each year, our deadline for this year is March. We attended a CALL meeting tonight at our church and got 2 credit hours...only 13 more to go. We only have about 4 1/2 weeks to get the rest of our hours. Nothing like waiting till the last minute AND during busy season. Yikes.

Sweet boy wanted to get there early so we could get a seat in the back of the class. Ha. When we walked in, the chairs were arranged in a circle. Nice...haha! The meeting was actually pretty interesting. It was lead by a child psychiatrist who is very insightful. Each couple told about their story. We heard about two little girls (three and five)that were recently taken from their home because of sexual abuse. The five year old thinks her dad is "superman." Tragic. Another foster mom told us about the restraining order that was filed against her this week by the mom of the foster child she had for 10 months. She (and a group from church) bought mom ALL of the baby equipment she needed and clothes for the baby for the next six months and this is her "reward." A restraining order. She has NOT even seen the baby (or mom) since the child was sent back to Mom right before Christmas. There are some crazy people out there.

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Mom of 7 said...

It is so exciting to see your child learn to read! I have loved watching all 3 of my big kids. I miss them being little SO much, but I also enjoy them becoming older...they are smarter than me sometimes!

Did you know that you can earn 5 continuing credits online? You probably do, but if you don't, it is really easy, you just read an article and answer questions. It didn't take long at all, then you can print out the certificate when you are done. It is at www.fosterclub.com I think. If that isn't right, and you need the website, let me know.

Heather M. said...

Hope you get your groove back soon! LOVE listening to the boys read...it was so hard for them...the rewards are so sweet! Enjoy your week.