Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Baby Can Read!!

I had three people ask me today if Sophie Le and Julianne are the same age. Sophie Le thinks it is nuts when people ask that :o) I am pretty sure they are asking because the girls are very close to the same height. I am thinking before the summer is over, Julianne will surpass Sophie Le in height. I am not sure how Sophie Le is going to take it. She takes great pride in being the taller of the two and refers to it often. {Side note: they are 21 months apart.}

Somewhere along the way, Sophie Le has learned to write all of her letters. For about a month or two, she has been writing several words such as: Mommy, Daddy, Hillary Ash, JuJu, Jonah, Sophie Le Thiet Arnold and I love you. A few nights ago, Sophie Le was asking me how to spell a word. I was doing something else (I think loading the dishwasher) and without thinking twice, I started telling her how to spell it with the letter sounds instead of the letters...that is what I do with Hillary Ashton. I think the word was birthday. After she wrote it, she said, "look mama, I wrote it all by myself." I looked and sure enough she did! I was so surprised. I didn't know she knew all of her sounds.

So today, I wrote a few words on a piece of paper and showed her how to sound the words out. It didn't take her long before she was able to do it herself!
The first word she read was hot. I will never forget it. So sweet. She then said, "hot like we need a hottub." Smart girl...on so many levels :o) The second word was "bun." She said, "bun, like 'I've got buns, hun.'" Haha! Nature vs Nurture. I think we got a bit of both...haha!

Now I am off to try to find something to get pink, chalkboard paint out of Jonah's pants, shirt and shoes. Any ideas?


Leigh said...

Where are the pictures of the craft project that resulted in the boy's new pink outfit? Good luck.

Dianna said...

Wow! What a smart, smart girl! Phoebe still shocks me when she points out every 'P' she sees on street signs, etc. I want her to be little, not big!

Lisa said...

Way to go Sophie Le!

Renee said...


Julie said...

Little miss smartie pants that girl is.

And I think we're all going to be dealing with little short people for a long time. Bennett is so much smaller than his peers.

The Jennings said...

Glad you decided to keep you the blogging! Ha! Wish I could keep up with you! I'm still working on Christmas! Ha! Thanks so very much for your sweet comments about Lexie. Can you believe she was 14 1/2? Time really flies!


The Jennings said...

I meant "keep UP the blogging".