Monday, January 10, 2011

Neighbors, Snow & Sewing...

The snow continued to fall late into the night last night. I think we got around 6 inches...which is a pretty big deal in Arkansas!


Our next door neighbor (who happens to live in my dream house!) brought banana nut bread over this morning! How sweet is that? And I LOVE the handmade wrapping!
MOST of our neighbors are great :o)

Hillary Ashton was ready to head outside as soon as she woke up...luckily she agreed to wait until after lunch to let the temperature warm up a bit.
She LOVED riding around on her sled...I was SO glad Daddy was here to take turns pulling her! That is a tough job. IMG_0317
It was sooooo worth it to hear her giggling non-stop! However, a four wheeler would have come in handy..haha!

We also had fun building a snowman...

...and checking out the creek...

She also made another sweet snow angel...

I was able to lure her back in with promises of snow ice cream :o)

Let me tell ya, that ice cream was YUMMY! If fact, we had another batch after supper :o)
Julianne is a BIG fan of snow ice cream! She kept saying, "I like it. I want more." Haha! Sweet girl
My baby kinda liked the ice cream too :o)

My big girl & I spent the afternoon working on sewing projects. Hillary Ashton is working on a special gift for her little sister, Sophie Le :o)
I finished up a shirt for Sophie Le (hopefully I will finish up the pants tomorrow)...
...and an outfit for Julianne...

We have enjoyed playing in the snow, eating the snow and watching the snow fall. I am now ready for the snow to GO AWAY!!! I My baby girl is snowed in two and a half hours away and I WANT HER BACK!!!!!!!!!


Leigh said...

I wanna see those outfits. do you shop locally or on line for fabric for their clothes?

Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

Hey Leigh - I do both. However, I bought all of this fabric locally.

Mom of 7 said...

I want to see your outfits! I so wish I could so clothes. I bet you are missing your girl!

Heather M. said...

Another Snow Day!!! HOORAY!!! Looks like loads of fun! If we lived closer, I'd let you use the 4-wheeler!!!

Laura said...

I think that snow storm left you and hit us really hard here! It was bad today and will be worse tomorrow! I am with you, ready for this weather to be over! Cute fabric for the outfits!

Mandy said...

I found your blog through a friend of mine's blog.. she told me today how gorgeous your family is and wow was she right!

Can't wait to see the outfits!! The fabric is GREAT!