Friday, January 21, 2011

Phone & Giveaway...

We switched phone companies twenty months ago. The first phone I got was GREAT...until it started turning off sporadically. It got to the point where it would not stay on for more than one minute at a time. I tried buying a new battery and updating the software, but nothing worked. It was beyond frustrating! After dealing with a pretty useless phone for two months, my phone company had mercy on me and GAVE me a brand new, updated version of the phone I currently had (I was out of warranty and not up for an upgrade). I was SO EXCITED...for about a week. The touchscreen quit working...and there was no keyboard. Not a good combination! That phone came sooooooooooo close to being thrown out the window on many, many occasions.

When sweet boy came home with our new phones yesterday, I felt like a kid at Christmas. I am in LOVE with my new phone. It not only works (which I totally appreciate!), it is fun, fun, fun! Yay!

It is so much fun, I am having a hard time being productive :o)

For the last year or so, I have heard the saying, "there's an app for that." I have to admit, I didn't really get it. I do now!! I may be a couple years behind, but these apps are fun!

One app that I came across by accident is the local police scanner. I LOVE that one :o) I listened to the cops respond to several burglaries this morning...very interesting. One thing I heard on the scanner made me so sad. The police responded to noise coming from a vacant was some homeless folks chopping wood inside the house to make a fire in the fireplace. A warm house is a luxury many do not have :o(

I downloaded several apps for the girls...talking cat, math fun, animal sounds, but I know there are so many more out there. What are your favorites for your kids?

I promise to try to do better with my blogging tomorrow :o) In fact, I have a giveaway to do this weekend so be sure and stop by!

Just for fun...a picture from this day last baby girl holding my BABY boy...
Be stil my heart!


Emy said...

I still don't have one of those cool phones, but Ben has the I-pod touch. Angry birds is definitely a family favorite, but you already know that! :o) A really funny one for your girls is Smack Talk! They'll love it. It's just silly animals repeating whatever you say in silly voices. Eva LOVES it!

Laura said...

I could have cared less about a fancy phone until Lyndon came home with his last week. Now, I really want one!!! He is in love with the app thing, something I did not get until now! If we find anything good, I will report it to you!

Heather M. said...

I still have my old Blackberry. I would love a cool phone! My boys have IPOD Touches & Caleigh like the "Talking Santa", "Talking Tom", "Sandwich Maker", "Pizza Maker", "Cake Maker", "UNO"

Love your just for fun picture!!!

Kim said...

Dylan's favorite apps are cupcake maker and cookie maker. He also like doodle buddy.

Anna said...

My daughter loves an ap called Pizza Maker