Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pig Sooie, Boys, Punishments & LOVE...

Arkansas is playing in the Sugar Bowl, baby!!!
We have had a few rocky seasons, so it feels REALLY GOOD to be playing in a GREAT bowl game this year :o) Whoo pig sooie!! My girls LOVE the Razorbacks :o)
We use to be season ticket holders...until the kids started coming & coming & coming...haha! Here is the last game we went to...
Sweet baby girl! She was about four months old in that picture. I so wish I could pick her up out of that picture...ha!

Speaking of that sweet baby, here is our after school conversation...
Mama: So who did you play with at recess today?
HA: I didn't really play with anyone. I just did that thing I am really good at.
Mama: Huh?
HA: Yea, you didn't know mama? I am really, really good at chasing the boys. They love for me to chase them.

I almost ran off the road when she said that! Seriously? Seriously? Goodness gracious.

One thing that has been a bit occ (out of control) at our house lately is the girls' sassiness. In order to try and tame their smart alec & unkind words, I implemented a new punishment today and they HATE it. Whoo hoo! I explained to them a few of the things the bible says about taming your tongue, such as this verse from Proverbs 21:23...

"Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble."

If they are caught speaking unkindly to one another, talking back or asking for something after an answer has been given to them, they have to hold their tongues. Literally, hold their tongues...for one minute. I am hoping this practice doesn't have to stay around very long. Daddy didn't know about the new punishment and he almost got in trouble because he would not quit LAUGHING when he saw the girls doing it...which of course, cracked me up...it is kinda funny looking. I apologized to the girls for laughing and had to leave the room :o)

Another "punishment" we implemented today was to help with their tidiness. They leave toys, clothes, shoes, you name it laying everywhere around the house. So tonight, I told them to tidy up after supper and then head upstairs to put on their pajamas. I went around the kitchen, living room and office and gathered up all of the toys/clothes/etc.. that they left out and put them in a box. I told them that today was just a warning, but tomorrow I will be donating all of the items they leave out.

Their responses were not exactly what I was going for:
Hillary Ashton: Oh good, Mama! Where are you gonna donate them? Are they going to foster kids or orphanage kids? Hold on, I have a couple more things for the box.
Sophie Le: That's not fair. I don't have anything in the box to donate (she had cleaned up all of her toys). I'm going to get some toys for the kids.
Julianne: She couldn't care less :o)

Ugg! I am thankful for their generous hearts, but not for their messiness. I've gotta get back to the drawing board on that one.

This morning we went back to MDO. I dropped off Jonah in his class, kissed him and said, "Bye, bye sweet boy. See you this afternoon." You guys, he said, "Bye, bye. Love you." BE STILL MY HEART. Ahhhhhh, good day :o)


Julie said...

I so feel your pain on the toys all over the place. Getting Bennett to pick up is painful. It usually results in lots of drama.

I would try the tongue thing but my little monster would totally make a game out of it. Just look at the amount of pictures I take with his tongue sticking out.

Good luck!!!

Laura said...

I need to try the tongue thing with the boys. Logan has started to get a little lippy with me! We also have a basket I put things in when they don't pick them up. I keep it put away for a week if they don't clean up when asked.
Thank you for your sweet comment on my last post. That is such a compliment coming from such an amazing mom! I have really enjoyed seeing what you do with your little ones. Talk about inspiration!

The Garners said...

Love the tongue thing--I'll have to try that with R & A...they are constantly saying bad things to each other and it drives me crazy!

Lisa said...

Sorry, Amy, but I cracked up that your kids were excited about donating their toys. Oops! There goes that punishment! :) And it made my heart melt to imagine hearing Jonah say those sweet words!

Leigh said...

I shall drop DoriGrace at your house on Saturday morning around 10:00 a.m. I'll be back to pick her up after you've broken her of her sassy, messy self. Man, I can't wait! You go, girl!

Now, what can you give me for the whole "not listening" thing?

Renee said...

Oh my goodness!!! What a WONDERFUL thing to hear from little Jonah!!!! I cried BUCKETS when Henok says that because it's so rare! haha!
LOVED the holding tongue punishment and I might borrow it! Those issues have cropped back up and need something a little shocking for him. He's a HUGE germaphobe so I think that'll make him think twice next time! A "time out" for the tongue...I like that.
SO SWEET how the girls responded to your donation pile..hahahaha!!!

Miriam said...

What a sweet family you have! I am following you from Wandering Wed. Please follow me back at Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters and have a great day!

Heather M. said...

Oh My Goodness! The toy donation thing...too funny!!! But, how wonderful that they are givers at such a young age!!! The tongue holding...I have an old friend that tried that with her daughter..it worked. Good Luck!

Mom of 7 said...

I love "holding their tongue" I am going to have to use that! Our kids talk so unkindly to each other these days. We have been making them write sentences...boy do they hate it! I am going to try the tongue holding.

I don't know a solution to toys everywhere....I have been working on that forever. Once I did "daily buckets" I purchased a large tub for everyday of the week, and sorted all kids toys into those tubs...then they had to be picked up that day. It was a great idea, but I was a pushover, and they would ask for certain toys and I would let them dig for them, and before you know it, my system had failed.