Sunday, January 9, 2011

Star Light, Star Bright...

...wish upon a star tonight. Let it snow and snow all night, so school's let out by morning light!

And it did and it school tomorrow!!!! Whoo hoo!

As soon as the flakes started to fall, my girl was out with her mouth opened wide! Ha!

See that look on her face...pure happiness!
Sweet baby...wish I could freeze time and keep her at this age forever!

Despite her gut instincts, she agreed to come inside for a little while to give the snow some time to accumulate :o) After about an hour, we had a pretty nice ground cover. I woke Julianne from her nap so she could experience snow for the first time. We had snow last year, but Julianne opted to stay inside and eat fruit loops.

Truth be told, I am pretty sure she would have opted for fruit loops this year too...
She is her mother's daughter!

Luckily Daddy got to postpone his business trip (WHOO HOO) and he made sure her sweet little feet didn't have to touch anymore than necessary :o)

This girl, on the other hand, couldn't get enough! She LOVES snow (let's be honest, she LOVES almost everything!). She is a girl that embraces life and lives it to the fullest...I admire her so much.

She LOVED throwing snowballs at will have to check with Daddy to find out if he enjoyed it as much as she did...ha!

I am a weird mom. If you have been reading this blog very long, I am sure that doesn't surprise you. Ha! Like any other child, she wanted to eat snow. However, it grosses me out to see them eat snow off of dirty railings, the ground, chairs, etc so I had her leave a glass outside to collect snow :o)

When I took the Christmas tree down a few weeks ago, I set it outside our den window so we could still see it and enjoy it. It looks so pretty covered in snow!
My girl tried really hard to come up with a smile for the camera...
...really hard...
Good job baby, Daddy you can pick her up now...haha!

The snow experience isn't complete without a snow angel!
How can she be enjoying this so much? My fingers were about to fall off at this point! Haha!

I am not a fan of snow, but if it makes my baby happy, I don't mind if it comes around ONCE a year :o)
Did you hear that snow, ONCE. See ya next year :o)


Mom of 7 said...

Yay for snow! My kids were so excited too. Hilary is always so cute how happy she is about everything, love it!

The Jennings said...

I'm with you on the once a year snow thing! But it is so nice to have some every once in a while! I'm really excited the kids don't have school tomorrow and that Corey doesn't have to go to work! John likes it, but sometimes he is like Julianne. Poor baby gets cold! Yall have fun tomorrow!


Heather M. said...

Oh Hooray!!! You got a snow day too!!! LOVE IT~!