Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tubes, Adoption and Walking...

After school today, the kids and I went to a local church to play in their AMAZING indoor tube/climbing play area.
I used to bring the girls here a lot, but I don't think we have been there in over a year because I don't remember ever bringing Jonah. He LOVED it, btw :o)

I don't think I have mentioned it on here before, but there are two families that have expressed interest in adopting Jonah, if he becomes available. Each family is a "friend of a friend." I met both families at two different birthday parties a couple weeks ago. Pretty crazy, huh? Anyways, one of the moms was at the tubes this afternoon and Jonah got to meet her and her kids.

I took a quick pic of the girls as we were leaving...
Sophie Le's expression and stance crack me up! I said, "Sophie Le, why are you making that funny face?" She said, "It isn't a funny is a cool face, Mama." Haha! That baby keeps me on my toes!

Jonah took like twenty steps in a row today...on several occasions! It is the SWEETEST thing watching him walk. He gets soooooo excited and usually falls because he can't stop laughing.

The news has declared tomorrow a "Severe Weather Alert Day." Boooooooooo!


Leigh said...

We are supposed to have ice and snow. Hope your pantry is stocked and you are staying in! I'll send you pictures of my drive into work so that you can pray for me. ;-)

Mandy said...

I see the weather coming.. ugh..

Love the mega-cool playplace! Down here in Monticello we have NOTHING to play on indoors. Even our McDonalds has VIDEO GAMES inside.. not play equipment. Stupidest thing. Ever.

That's neat about meeting both of the families... it would be great to be able to see him intereact with each of them before!