Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's Old is New Again...

While the little kids took a nap this afternoon, we gave Julianne room a little makeover. I fell in LOVE with a pink, tulle bed skirt I saw a few weeks ago and it inspired the change :o)

A little back story on her "old" room. When we were in the court process in Ethiopia, our house sold. I can't remember the details, but it seems like we sold our house one day and passed court a few days later (and got travel clearance). We had to move FAST. Luckily, we found this house and the sellers agreed to move and let us move in ONE WEEK after we saw it for the first time! We moved on a Thursday and left for Ethiopia a week later! We tried our best to get as much done before we left as possible including painting Julianne's room. We chose a light pink and I have disliked it since the day we painted it. It was SO pale and b.o.r.i.n.g! But with a new baby and then another new baby, her room got put on the back burner. The story of my life :o)

Here is the After:

When Julianne got up from her nap and we showed her "new" room to her, she said, "I like it." Haha! Sweet baby!

It is crazy what a difference small changes can make in a room. There are still a few walls that need some type of artwork, but I am so happy with the new paint color and new bed skirt..haha!

The bedspread and valances are from Hillary Ashton's room (at our old house) when she was 2 years old! I found it in the attic when I was looking for some old curtains. I LOVE being able to reuse things!

Here is Hillary Ashton's old room...

Man, looking at that room brings back memories of a simple, calm, quiet life. My house was always clean and tidy. Ahhhh. I can't lie...I miss my clean house. I have a really hard time staying ahead of four little tornadoes! However, I wouldn't trade my little tornadoes for anything :o)

It was by complete chance that the "new" quilt matches the table and chairs she got for Christmas!! Whoo hoo!

She LOVES her little Ethiopian food basket I set on her table :o)

Thanks to everyone that linked up yesterday! I have really enjoyed reading your blogs and I am looking forward to following you ALL year :o) It's not too late to link up if you haven't already :o)


Renee said...

WOW!!! It looks great!! I would put the thingy on my new blog, but haven't figured out lots of things yet. I feel like my MOM trying to check email! haha!

Emy said...

Love the new room! We have the same bedskirt for Eva, love it!!

Marianne said...

Precious room. Love the colors.

Kim said...

New room is really cute!!!

Julie said...

I love the room. Adorable!!