Saturday, February 5, 2011

Movies & Projects...

This morning, we decided to try the Netflix free trial. We literally watched movies ALL DAY LONG. Why, oh why, have we not ordered Netflix before? My idea of Nexflix has always been...go online, reserve a movie, wait for it to come in the mail...this does not excite me at all. If I want to watch a movie today...I want to watch it today :o) Just in case there are any other people that are behind on the times, like can set up Netflix through your Wii and watch movies immediately on your television (or computer) is amazing! There is a huge selection of television shows too! Whoo hoo! I think the girls watched more movies today that any other day of their lives...and they loved it :o)

We did manage to get a few other things accomplished too...ha! Hillary Ashton has several "projects" due at school in the next few weeks so we brainstormed today. She decided on a theme for her Valentine's projects...I think it is going to be really cute! I hope to get the supplies tomorrow so we can get started. She also has to do a project on a president of her choice which is Abraham Lincoln...we have some more planning to do on that project.

I finished up a Valentine's outfit for up, Sophie Le. I better hurry...Valentine's Day is a week from Monday! Whoa! This year is flying by.

Today is the first day Jonah WALKED more than he CRAWLED! Sweet baby is growing up!

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Mom of 7 said...

I am smiling, b/c you sound just like I was when I discovered Netflix for our Wii!! It was just overwhelming all the fun things I could watch. I found myself rushing my kids to bed on nights my hubby worked so that I could watch a movie ;)