Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Kind of Sick Day...

I picked up Hillary Ashton yesterday from school and all was well. She had a great day and she was SUPER excited about the playdate we had set up with her sweet little friend. We picked up her friend and headed to a local inside play area. She played and had a great time...until we walked out of the door to leave. I asked the kids to sit on a bench to get a quick pic...


I snapped the picture and said, "Hillary Ashton, are you okay?" She said, "I feel weird." And boy, was she right.

A bit of the weirdness came out as we drove down the road. Ewwwwwww! Isn't there someone else to clean up these types of messes? Why is it always the mom?

By the time bedtime rolled around, she was back to her chipper, happy self. Praise the Lord.

She woke up feeling great, but I kept her home to be safe and I took the little kids to MDO so they wouldn't catch any residue from this bug.

Me and my girl had a GREAT "sick" day! We watched movies {I forgot that Hansel and Gretal is such a scary movie!} all morning and then met Daddy for lunch.

We LOVE eating at Pasta Jack's in the Rivermarket!! There was NO problem with her appetite today :o) In fact, we had to make a quick trip through Wendy's after lunch for a frosty!


My cute lunch dates :o)

Gotta love a sick day when you kid feels good!


Lisa said...

Before I had to save all my sick days for a little one who might actually get sick, my motto was "Never waste a sick day being sick." I used to live for "mental health" days!

Kim said...

Glad that was a short bug! The mamas do have a rough job!