Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Cards, Pillow Pet & Park Fun...

Today's weather was Ah-maz-ing!

After a great morning at church, we picked up lunch and headed home. I just love sitting down with the girls and listening to the them talk about what they learned in Sunday is so sweet. Julianne usually always says, "I learned. I learned Jesus." Precious!

After lunch, the little girls took a nap while Hillary Ashton and I worked on her Valentines for tomorrow's school party. She decided to do the sucker Valentines :o)
Man, I love this little girl!
Someone asked about the construction of the sucker Valentines. I totally forgot to sorry! I glued a piece of card stock on the back of each picture to give it stability and then cut two holes to hold the sucker...
Hillary Ashton LOVES the cards!
That's a lot of Hillary Ashtons!

After the little ones woke up, we headed to the grocery store. I heart that my hubby happily goes with us to the grocery store on Sunday afternoons!

Jonah has had his eye on a pillow pet since Christmas and today he decided that he wasn't leavening Wal-Mart without one...haha!

He spotted the doggie pillow pet on the shelf, but Daddy kept pushing the buggy...Jonah decided this was the day he was going to put his foot down regarding the pillow pet :o)
Which one do you like, baby?
Jonah learned a very important lesson, that the girls have know for quite a while...Daddy is a push over :o) Ha!

The weather was so nice, we couldn't resist stopping by the park on the way home!

Handsome boys...
Little Princess...
Julianne's hair is getting soooooooo long...LOVE it!
Jonah and his little mommy :o)

After supper treat :o)
{Thanks Ganny and Papa Texarkana!}


Dianna said...

I LOVE that Jonah got his pillow pet - what a doll! That is just such the cutest story :)

Mom of 7 said...

Your Valentine cards idea are so stinking cute! They just make me smile!

Lisa said...

The series of Jonah photos is so cute! Victory, Jonah!

I love H.A.'s Valentines! I'll have to remember that!