Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine & Glasses...

The kids got another surprise visit from grandparents today...along with lots of fun Valentine treats! Ganny & Papa Texarkana came and picked up Julianne at lunch today and took her to McDonalds and to run errands. After MDO, Papa took ALL three little kids home so I could take Hillary Ashton for an eye checkup.

I am not sure if the eye doctor has an incredible memory or if we were just that memorable, but when I walked in with Hillary Ashton, the doctor said, "Where are all the other kids today?" Btw, we have only seen her once...a year ago! She even remembered that Jonah was in a baby carrier last year and she asked how old he was now!

I was pretty certain that Hillary Ashton needed new glasses and the doctor confirmed that. Fortuntly, Hillary Ashton is super excited about her new glasses! It is sooooo nice having a child that gets excited about new things/changes.

Tonight the girls (and boy) enjoyed a Valentine's party at church while hubby and I went out on a date :o)

Tomorrow is a snow day...here's hoping the little ones will take to heart Mommy's pleas to sleep in the morning :o)


The Garners said...

Enjoy your snow day!

Renee said...

Keep them up as late as possible tonight! If I keep anthony up until 9, he sleeps until noon! hahaha!

Laura said...

You guys have had some crazy weather this year! Have a fun snow day!