Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Cards & Racism...

Sweet Jonah's allergies (clear drainage and LOTS of sneezing...any other ideas?) were still bothering him today so I stayed home with him while the girls went to school. It is a very rare day for me to be home with just one kid. I have to was kinda nice :o) I just wish baby boy was feeling better.

I can sum up most of my day in one work...laundry. Laundry is a never ending job at our house. I almost finished today...whoo hoo! long as you don't count all of the laundry that was put in the hamper at bedtime...hence, the never ending job :o)

After school today, I took picture of the little girls for their Valentine's cards.
I told the girls to pretend they were giving Mommy a sucker...Julianne thought this was a very silly idea :o)

The girls LOVED their finished cards.
They are pretty funny :o)

Hillary Ashton laughed sooooo hard when I showed her the cards and she decided that she wants to do the same kind for her class. Now, I must find something else to do with the 34 eyeballs & scrapbook paper I bought for her cards (we were going to make some CUTE monster Valentine cards). Oh, I am sure we will come up with something :o)

Hillary Ashton's homework for tonight was to read the book, Ruby Bridges Goes to School. It is the true story of the first "black" girl to attend an all "white" elementary school in NOLA. I put "black" and "white" in quotes because these are not terms we usually use in our home and so it has been an adjustment for Hillary Ashton to hear these terms used to describe different races. I am thankful she is learning the history of our country and I know it is a good thing, but I am also sad that she is learning that their is a thing such as racism. As you can imagine, it has been very confusing thing for her.

She said, "Mama, if it wasn't for kids like Ruby, there would only be one first grade teacher at my school...and we wouldn't have a principal...and there wouldn't be anyone to take out the trash...and D***** wouldn't be allowed at my school. I think that is crazy." I agree baby.

This is the expression she had on her face...
...pretty much the entire time she was reading about segregation.

Eleanor Roosevelt is mentioned in the book for the work she did during the times of integration. Hillary Ashton said, "I know her...we read a book about her...she taught me and Le about caring." My heart was soooo happy to hear her say that! We have a set of Value books that I have been reading the girls and I am so thankful that they have actually been paying attention! I didn't even remember that Eleanor's value was "caring." Of course, my girl was right :o)

Nine inches...seriously?

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Julie said...

Oh my! Could your girls be any cuter?? Oh-Miss Hillary. Sweet, sweet soul!! My boys both had similar "homework" assignments that were difficult...but the best part is educating our children and equipping them to be the change!

Heather M. said...

LOVE the sucker cards!!! Too cute! might ask his dr. about Singulair? He may be too young...I think my boys were 2 when they started it. I know, in this day & age it's really sad that racism still exists...after everything those who have gone before accomplished. Very sad. We're supposed to get more snow too...but nowhere near 9 inches!!! WOW!!!

Dawn said...

Allergies, Hadassah was only a year old when she had the same symptoms and she also ran a low grade fever. Until we put her on Zyrtec. Works great for her. If she just misses one or two days, the symptoms return. Noah also has major allergies and has to do breathing treatments, allergy shots, Zyrtec, and Nasonex. But he is 9 years old. I don't think that Jonah should have to do all that with just a runny nose. But it is something you might want to talk to the doctor about.

The Ritzmanns said...

Thanks for the idea on the cards, we have borrowerd your idea. How did you cut the holes in the picture so the sucker fit in just right? I am guessing it is very simple but somehow has me stumped.

Thanks again!