Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 90 - Tomorrow's Lunch...

Here is Sunshine's lunch for school tomorrow {April 1st}...

Nothing fancy...just a pb&j sandwich, Koolaid, Funyuns and spaghetti rings...
...or is it?

Oh, how I wish I could be there when she opens her Funyuns...
...and finds Goldfish inside :o)

And those spaghetti rings...
...and finds chocolate chip cookies :o)

Oh how I love April Fool's Day :o) Haha!

I am almost giddy thinking about supper tomorrow night :o) I hope they enjoy it as much as last year's April Fool's supper :o)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 89 - Wordless Wednesday - Sibling Rivalry?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 88 - Visit & Creativity...

Baby Boy met his birth father today. Can you imagine? I really wish I could have been there with Jonah for this visit, but for reasons I shouldn't blog about, I did not think it would be a good idea for me to accompany him to the visit. It broke my heart to see my baby being taken away by a stranger to go visit with more strangers. I couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking. The thing is, Baby Boy has NO idea he is a foster kid. He has not had regular visitation with any birth family members...maybe six visits with his family in sixteen months.

He came back from his visit exhausted. It is well documented that Baby Boy rarely sleeps in the car. Well, that stinker, was ASLEEP at 11:00 a.m when he returned to me...the car ride was only about 15 minutes! Ha!

We have a staffing for his case this week and court next week. Sweet hubby is going to the staffing! This is the first "event" he has been able to attend for Baby Boy's case. It will interesting to hear his take on things :o)

I made some cute videos of Jonah after supper tonight. I wish I could share them!! He LOVES to sing and dance. He loves to "sing" the b-i-b-l-e alot. It is soooo sweet. He also loves "saw, saw, saw." He is such a smart little thing!

Little Pumpkin's eye seems to be getting a little better. The antibiotic she is taking is SUPER stinky. I told her that she can have a sip of Dr. Pepper after she takes the first teaspoon and after the second. It cracks me up that she gets sooooo excited about taking her SUPER STINKY medicine just so she can have a couple sips of DP...Ha! She is definitely her mama's daughter :o)

This one has been writing songs/stories/poems non-stop this month. She carries a couple notebooks around with her and writes any chance she gets. I just LOVE her creativity.

I started playing Words With Friends you play? If so, my username is ethiomama :o)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 87 - Adoption, Doctor Visit & Birth family Visit...

It is no secret that I think adoption is a wonderful way to grow your family :o) I often get asked about what agency we used to adopt the little girls so I am going to go ahead and document it here :o) Hi Jessica :o)

I had NO idea how important it is to choose an ethical adoption agency when we started our first adoption. Honestly, we were pretty clueless about the corruption that is present in the world of international adoption. After completing two international adoptions, my eyes have been opened. We are sooooooooo thankful that we have 100% confidence that BOTH of our adoptions were completed ethically. We can look into the eyes of each of our daughters one day and honestly say, "Your birth family chose for you to be placed for adoption."

For our Vietnam adoption, we used Dillon International (who is now teamed up with Buckner). We LOVE this agency. Our local social worker is ah-maz-ing and the country coordinator (at their headquarters in Tulsa) is very knowledgeable and honest and the in-country staff (in Vietnam) was sooooo helpful and professional. The post adoption support has been above and beyond anything I expected. I would feel comfortable calling any agency person involved in our adoption tomorrow. We attend several local adoption events throughout the year and always look forward to attending heritage camp each year in Tulsa.

Vietnam Day 1-3 113

For our second adoption, we felt our daughter was living in Ethiopia. Unfortunately, at the time, Dillon did not facilitate adoptions in Ethiopia. We did a TON of research {we learned our lesson about ethical adoptions when we were in Vietnam during the start of the shutdown...there are some BAD agencies out there}. We decided on Gladney {based in Ft. Worth} for our second adoption. I have nothing but good things to say about Gladney. They are professional, ethical and friendly. We LOVED the in-country staff. It is REALLY important to choose an agency that has a top-notch in-country do not want to be in a country that speaks a different language, trying to complete an adoption with a poor staff.


Did our adoptions go smoothly? No. Were there frustrations? Yes. Were there delays? Yes. We were completely prepared for each of these circumstances? YES. Would I use these agencies again? In a heartbeat...oh how I wish :o)

Sweet Little Pumpkin has had a little sore on her eyelid for several weeks. It became infected yesterday and when she woke up this morning, her poor little eyelid was very swollen...
...and she is still smiling. Breaks a mama's heart!

The doctor drained the sore and prescribed an antibiotic. I am thankful to report that she is doing MUCH, MUCH better!

My little trooper...

We were so thankful that the skies cleared and the weather warmed up this afternoon! We LOVE playing outside!!

I LOVE how Sunshine's hair lightens each sweet!
This girl loves her kitty :o)

This child knows how to work a camera :o) Ha!
...and just like that, she's off! "Follow me, Mama!"
"Take my picture here!"
I think she knows she's cute :o)

I keep this blog to document my girls since I don't keep a scrapbook or anything like that so you may notice that I randomly say things...I just don't want to forget the little things that make up our days :o)

We started getting the daily paper a few months ago and Sunshine LOVES it...haha! She is the first one to grab the paper each day...she loves pulling out the comics :o) I am not sure she gets most of the jokes, but she doesn't care. Ha! I LOVE it! She even painted the comics a few days ago.


And in other news...Baby Boy will meet his birthfather tomorrow.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 86 - Be My Everything...

God in my living


There in my breathing


God in my waking


God in my sleeping

So sweet!

God in my resting


There in my working


God in my thinking


God in my speaking


Be my everything


Be my everything


Be my everything


Be my everything


God in my hoping


There in my dreaming Hillary Ashton & Sophie Le

God in my wathcing


God in my waiting


God in my laughing


There in my weeping


God in my hurting


God in my healing


Christ in me


Christ in me


Christ in me the hope of glory DSC00625

You are everything


Christ in me


Christ in me


Christ in me the hope of glory DSC06471

Be my everything


You are everything


Jesus, Everything

LOVE this song by Tim Hughes...