Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 86 - Games & Children's Theatre...

The paints that the girls were using in yesterday's post are dot paints.

I like these paints because they are so easy for the girls to use and the clean up is a breeze. My girls are very good at making messes...very good. However, even they have never made a mess with these paints :o) You can find them here.

In the words of Sunshine, "Spring break is so much fun they should make it two weeks." I agree baby girl!

This morning, I played LIFE with Sunshine for the first time. She was THRILLED with she drew the artist career card.
When she landed on the spot that offered her the chance to switch careers with another player she scoffed at the idea. I told her that my career (computer consultant) made twice the salary of the career she had, she said, "I am an artist, Mama. I don't care how much money I make." I think I caught a glimpse of my daughter twenty years in the future :o)

The games continued throughout the morning with file folder games!
I hated that it was too cold to go out, but the girls didn't seem to mind...especially when we made EGGLESS cupcakes this afternoon!!! YUM-O

Tonight, the big girls and I went to the children's theatre to see "If you give a Pig a Pancake."
I sure do wish I could bottle up the laughter that came out of Sunshine's body during the performance! She ate it up! I have never seen her laugh so hard. And Little Pumpkin!!! Oh, she was just precious. She watched the performance with a super serious face and then between scenes, she stood and clapped! It was precious!

After the play, Sunshine could hardly contain her excitement when she realized she could talk to the actors! She told the pig all about the play she was in at school :o) She told him that her play was really funny...kinda like his play! Ha!
She was sooooooooo excited to get autographs from each of the actors :o) Sweetness!

Not surprisingly, Little Pumpkin wanted nothing to do with the actor meet and greet after the show :o) However, she watched the actors very closely. As we were walking out of the building, she said, "Mama, I don't think that was a real pig. I think it was a "people" in there." Ha! Man, I LOVE these girls!

What a great day!


Lisa said...

So glad the show was a hit! Eli was super serious too while watching it, but he said he liked it when I asked him afterwards.

The Garners said...

I'm excited about the Pig show--we have tickets for tomorrow!

Renee said...