Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 70 - The Joke's on Me...

See the little Veggie Tales doll in Sweet Pea's hand?

That is her FAVORITE "baby." Every time we leave the house, each girl picks a baby to take with them...nine times out of ten, Sweet Pea picks "Sweet Pea."

As we were pulling out of the parking lot after church tonight, Sweet Pea {in a panicked voice} said, "Mama, mama! I left my baby at church."

I asked her where she left her baby and she told me that she left Sweet Pea in her class. I called Neil {who was in his car behind us} and asked if he picked up Sweet Pea. Julianne heard me on the phone and when I hung up, she said, "Did Daddy get Sweet Pea?" I told her no, but we would get it tomorrow when we go to MDO.

Just to make sure Sweet Pea didn't get lost, I called a friend who was still at church and asked her to set Sweet Pea in my MDO class. She looked around and couldn't find Sweet Pea. We hung up and I asked Sweet Pea if she remembered where she left Sweet Pea. She said, "at the table in my class."

My friend called back and said she looked all over the classroom and checked with the Preschool director and also a couple other people. One guy said he remembered seeing Sweet Pea walk out of the director's office {after getting a sucker} WITH Sweet Pea in her hand.

I again asked Sweet Pea about Sweet Pea. I said, "Are you sure you left her in your class." Her response, "Yes, Mama." My friend said that she would check the parking lot for Sweet Pea.

I called Neil again to get him to make sure Sweet Pea wasn't in his car. No luck.

See this little face...
It is the face of a stinker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As we were pulling in our neighborhood, Sweet Pea said, "Look Mama."

Guess what was in that child's hand...SWEET PEA!

I didn't say anything. She said, "Mama, it is a joke. My joke is funny." She then proceeded to laugh and laugh and laugh.

Who in the heck told her about jokes? When did she become such a little prankster?

I think this one might have pulled one over on us too...If you notice, she now has TWO "Snowbanks."


At least this kid was nice to me today :o)
I think she might be my favorite :o) Ha!


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lol!!!! Don't you hate it when they become TOO smart?! ;)