Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Favorite Day...

"Sunday is my favorite day. God made it in a special way.
I like tomorrow and yesterday, but Sunday is my favorite day."

Hillary Ashton learned that song in kindergarten...I LOVE hearing her sing it. She always says "everyday" is my favorite day. Ha! I am thankful I have a child that claims everyday is her favorite day :o)

But for me, Sunday is my favorite day :o) I just LOVE going to church with my sweet family and then spending the whole day together...something that has become a luxury this year.

After a wonderful service at church, we had a quick lunch {all of the little girls thought they were soooooo cool and set at a table by themselves at the restaurant...ha!} and then we drove to a nearby town to explore. The girls LOVE checking out new playgrounds...ha! Jonah did a little better on the car ride today...a little :o) That baby is going to have to get it together if he wants to go to Florida this summer :o) Ha!

After the little ones went to bed, I finished up an outfit for Sophie Le. I just LOVE the colors in the gets me so excited about SPRING!!!


Lisa said...

Beautiful fabric for the new outfit! Can't wait to see her model it!

Emy said...

Is Jonah facing forward yet? Maybe he gets car sick. Does he have acid reflux? Ben had it and he was miserable in his baby carrier car seat because he reclined so much. Just a thought. :o) Happy Sunday!

Lynette said...

Sundays are so wonderful, in deed. Sounds like you had a very good one. Lovely outfit for the little one, very pretty cross.