Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 71 - No More Carpool...

I think this will cynch this year's "Mom of the Year" award :o)
I guess I need to wash some dishes {jk}...

Three days a week, I work at MDO at our church. The little kids & I get out of MDO around 2:20 each afternoon, our church is about 10 minutes away from Sunshine's school and school lets out at 3:10. This leaves about 40 minutes for us to relax in the carpool lane...I like surfing the internet or catching up on my fave shows on my phone and the girls like having a snack and watching a movie...Jonah likes to whine. He isn't much of a whiner...I guess he saves it up for the car :o) Baby Boy has decided our current carpool arrangement is no longer acceptable. I don't think you should throw around the word "hate," but I can honestly say, "Baby Boy hates sitting in the carpool line." Ha! Well, I say "Ha," but I really mean "Aggggg!"

I am not sure who came up with the saying, "when Mama's happy, everybody happy," but in our car it's more like, "when baby's grumpy, everyone's grumpy :o) For the last few weeks, if at possible, we no longer sit in the carpool lane. Instead, we run a quick errand and then park down the street from the school and walk to get big sister. It has been a sanity saver :o)

Today's errand was a quick stop by Hobby Lobby for new fabric (I guess this new plan does have some benefits!).


Mom of 7 said...

I LOVE Hobby Lobby fabric! I would like to buy some of every kind they have! Of course, I can't make cute clothes like you, so I would just look at my fabric and stack it up, and store it in my fabric box :) My youngest son has gotten better, but used to be like Jonah waiting in school line. Oh it was aweful. I got to where I stayed home until the last minute, then parked and walked, like you do. It is a sanity saver. He still flips out sometimes, and if he ever starts, he screams the whole way home. Makes me crazy too!

Mandy said...

love the fabric!! So envious of your talent to make clothes..

I am so very thankful that all of our current bunch are good car riders, and waiters. Gosh I've spent many hours listening to screaming babies and toddlers while trapped in the van! That makes me so crazy :s