Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 85 - Plans for Me and Mommy...

During breakfast this morning, Sunshine made this list...

One of my favorite lines is #9..."call daddy wer he is." A little background...each evening, the girls call their daddy (on his way home from work) and ask him where he is so I will know when to have supper ready. It is so funny that this activity made "the list." Haha!

I also LOVE #12..."talk about our day. It is so funny what kids pick up on. This is something we usually do during supper, but I never thought the girls noticed, but I guess they do!

Of course, my very favorite line is #5..."give some kisses and hugs." Sweetness!

We checked several things off our list today :o)

We did "some painting."
"Come on Mom, take the picture. I've got some painting to do." Ha!
That girl can turn on the charm like no body's business :o)
Sweet girl...
I LOVE this picture :o)

And some more painting :o)
Painting makes this one really happy!

We also tried #2 "fly a kite," but we didn't have enough wind. We'll have to try that again soon!

I spent most of the afternoon showing the leaves in our yard who's boss...ha! The girls thought it was fun helping mommy...
...for the first two loads. Then they decided they would rather play on the "playground," ride their bikes and eat popsicles (I can't believe we are already out of popsicles...and it's only the third day of spring) while mommy did the next 1000 loads by herself...ha!


Leigh said...

You must learn me about them outdoor paints. I don't know them. My children need them. Bad.

Renee said...

WOW! What a list! What a sweetie!!

Heather M. said...

Oh, I love her little list!!! Too sweet! I just love her use of phonics! She's doing great on her spelling & sounding out!!! :) I would like to know about the outdoor paints too!