Thursday, March 3, 2011

Playing Outdoors...

So thankful for the glimpses of Spring we are seeing around here...
It is hard to keep the girls inside when the weather is nice...not that I am complaining!
The big girls were so sweet when Jonah wanted to get on the "crazy tire swing ride" with them...they slowed down the "ride" and started singing "Rock a bye baby." So sweet!
That girl loves her little brother something fierce.
Sweet little girl...I can't believe how big she is getting!
This child has me concerned...she has been a bit boy crazy lately.
We totally didn't think it through when we thought having three little girls would be fun...three teenage girls may not be so cute and fun!
Baby boy LOVED playing outside this afternoon. It is his first time to explore the yard as a WALKER. He looked so little in the big yard!


The Garners said...

Love these warm days!!! Let's meet at the park one afternoon soon--that would be fun to catch up!

Emy said...

LOVE Spring!!! And I LOVE that I got to see your girls' outfits today. Eva has the same one as Sophie but the sleeves and pants were getting a bit too short. Love the idea of putting it with a jean skirt and I think they look adorable as 3/4 length shirt and cropped leggins!