Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tooth Fairy...

Hillary Ashton was thrilled to find a letter from the tooth fairy hanging from the post of her bed this morning. She came running into our room around 7:00 a.m...she NEVER gets up that early on her own :o) It was so sweet! Receiving the letter seemed to help her feel better about the fact that she hasn't lost a tooth yet. I am not sure if we even know another child her age that hasn't lost a tooth. The tooth fairy just confirmed to her that she is taking good care of her teeth and that they will fall out when they are ready :o) She also told her that she likes clean, healthy teeth...Hillary Ashton brushed her teeth no fewer than FIVE times today...ha!

I have a little tooth fairy "pillow" I started a few months ago, but I haven't been able to make myself finish it. I think I am afraid that if I finish it, it will cause Hillary Ashton to lose her first tooth...I know, crazy! Ha! I am soooooo not ready.

We had a great day today. I started a couple spring outfits for the girls and did a little ce training while hubby was at work. Only FIVE more Saturdays...whoo hoo!!!!

For dessert tonight, the kids had cookies. After Jonah had his first cookie, he got a sweet little smile on his face and SIGNED and said, "More." It was SO SWEET! He will usually either do the sign OR say the word, but usually not both...he knew he had to turn on the charm to get another cookie :o) It totally fact, he got three more :o) Ha! He is so smart :o)

Since I didn't take any pictures today, here is a flashback to March 5, 2010.

Look at that sweet hair....
My babies have grown so much this year!!
I totally forgot her hair was so short!
This pictures still cracks me up...worn out baby!
day64 2
We need to make our "bird" bagels again!


Mom of 7 said...

Tell your girl not to feel bad, my youngest daughter was SO slow losing her first tooth too...and then she lost the next one really soon. Then when she lost her top one, she lost both really close together, and had the cutest big gap at the top! She was well over 6 before she lost her first one...we thought she would never lose her first one either. That sure was sweet of the tooth fairy to write her a note!

Renee said...

awww...sweet girl. I was the last one to lose a tooth too. The wait was excruciating! I just LOVE the note from the tooth fairy!!