Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 88 - Visit & Creativity...

Baby Boy met his birth father today. Can you imagine? I really wish I could have been there with Jonah for this visit, but for reasons I shouldn't blog about, I did not think it would be a good idea for me to accompany him to the visit. It broke my heart to see my baby being taken away by a stranger to go visit with more strangers. I couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking. The thing is, Baby Boy has NO idea he is a foster kid. He has not had regular visitation with any birth family members...maybe six visits with his family in sixteen months.

He came back from his visit exhausted. It is well documented that Baby Boy rarely sleeps in the car. Well, that stinker, was ASLEEP at 11:00 a.m when he returned to me...the car ride was only about 15 minutes! Ha!

We have a staffing for his case this week and court next week. Sweet hubby is going to the staffing! This is the first "event" he has been able to attend for Baby Boy's case. It will interesting to hear his take on things :o)

I made some cute videos of Jonah after supper tonight. I wish I could share them!! He LOVES to sing and dance. He loves to "sing" the b-i-b-l-e alot. It is soooo sweet. He also loves "saw, saw, saw." He is such a smart little thing!

Little Pumpkin's eye seems to be getting a little better. The antibiotic she is taking is SUPER stinky. I told her that she can have a sip of Dr. Pepper after she takes the first teaspoon and after the second. It cracks me up that she gets sooooo excited about taking her SUPER STINKY medicine just so she can have a couple sips of DP...Ha! She is definitely her mama's daughter :o)

This one has been writing songs/stories/poems non-stop this month. She carries a couple notebooks around with her and writes any chance she gets. I just LOVE her creativity.

I started playing Words With Friends yesterday...do you play? If so, my username is ethiomama :o)


Dianna said...

I don't say this to add any more stress to the situation, so I'm really sorry if it does - but do you think Jonah was sleeping because he was exhausted or because he was overwhelmed? Phoebe did that for a couple of months after we came home from Vietnam - anything stressful and she would just shut down, close her eyes and bye bye baby! Maybe he needed a little break from all that 'weird' stuff. Just something to think about!

Unknown said...

Good for hubs! Staffing can totally change the direction of a case. we nearly lost our Lil Bit and had to do a lot to keep him. Visits are stressful. Poor thing! The stress exhausted him.