Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 117 - Pantry, Trees & Paint

After 24 hours without power, the inside of our house was beginning to look as disheveled as the outside! It didn't help matters that when we decided to take cover Monday night (our first time to ever take cover), the only room without windows in our house is kitchen pantry. Because we have small kids, all of the heavy items were on the top shelves. So we quickly moved everything off of the shelves to the kitchen table and floor.

Today I decided to go ahead and rearranged the pantry so only lighter items (items that I wouldn't mind falling on my head during a storm...ha) were on the top shelves. One child of mine was more than happy to help me rearrange things...any guesses?

Here is a hint...

I think this sight just about did her in...ha!

I think I scored extra cool points in her book when she realized our can goods are arranged by category and the shelves are labeled :o)

Our yard clean up continued today, but it is SLOW going. It provided some cheap entertainment for the girls.
Don't get me wrong, I know we are lucky (so very lucky) to be safe, BUT I am soooo sick of seeing the huge mess in the yard. Every window I look out has tons of trees that need to be cleaned up...tons.

I was walking our tree guy around the yard this afternoon showing him how far our land extends so he will know what to clean up, and the wind barely blew and FOUR MORE TREES FELL! Ugg!

New subject! Ha! It is well documented that Sunshine is a free spirit. She jumps into any project with both feet and is really gets into all things artsy so you would think I would be ready for anything by now. Well, she hopped in the car this afternoon covered in paint splatters!
2011-04-27 b
That picture really does not do the mess justice :o) There were splatters all over her face, glasses, shirt collar and her arms.

I said, "Sweetheart, why didn't you try to wash some of the paint off?" She said, "I did! You should have seen me before I washed up!" Goodness gracious...I am sure she is right :o)

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Renee said...

I could SOOO use Little Pumkin's mad skills in my house!!!
Can the tree guy look for loose trees so you don't have any surprises later? Is that even possible?