Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 93 - First Haircut & Beautiful Weather...

A certain adorable little boy got his first haircute today!
{Before} DSC06572
{After} IMG_0866

Is he not just the sweetest little thing? I could just eat him up! We had another BEAUTIFUL day in Central Arkansas today! We pulled into the driveway after church and the girls hopped out of the car and were playing on the playground before I could gather up our stuff and get out of the car! Haha! I have a really hard time keeping them inside during this time of the year :o) I LOVE it!
IMG_0840 IMG_0879
Little Pumpkin's eye is SO MUCH better...praise the Lord! I am so thankful! IMG_0842
This child has been quite...challenging the last few weeks. IMG_0843
Luckily, she is SWEET and pretty darn cute :o) IMG_0861
This child LOVES to write me "love notes" throughout the day. She probably gives me no less than ten notes during any given day. It is sooooo sweet. She also writes me notes on the driveway pretty much every time she plays outside. IMG_0857
How did I get so lucky?


Renee said...

Awww...sweet boy! You are the luckiest mom with all the love notes!!! How awesome!!!

Heather M. said...

Your kids are so sweet! Little love notes to mom....cherish! Little boys haircut look adorable :)

Cozy Friedman said...

Great pictures! Did you save a lock of hair and get a 1st haircut certificate? If not, you can find a certificate online and print it yourself and then save a lock of hair next time--you'll never know the difference.