Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 91 - Gotcha! April Fool's Day...

I never really "celebrated" April Fool's Day until I had I look forward to it!!!

Man, I {LOVE} little kids. They are so sweet, loving and EASY TO FOOL...haha!

I started the "pranks" first thing this morning. As I was waking up the girls, I told them that we got a "ton of snow last night." I have NEVER seen those girls jump out of bed so fast...ha! Sunshine said, "Whoo hoo, no school!" Oh, how I wish...however, not at the expense of another snow day :o) Haha!

Next up...breakfast! I put a couple drops of blue food coloring in the girls' cereal bowls. They were shocked when they poured their milk into their bowl and their cereal turned blue :o) They didn't realize it was a joke until I told them...they were quite concerned :o)

April Fool's!

No body's safe on April Fool's up, Daddy! Sunshine and I stuffed toilet paper in the toe of his boot :o)
She liked being on the other side of the joke :o)
April Fool's!

I wish I could have eaten lunch with Sunshine today!
When I picked her up, she said "You got me good, Mama." Haha! She told me that she opened her Funyuns and stated eating them and said, "Whoa, these Funyuns taste funny." Haha!

I spent most of the morning making "supper" for tonight :o) The menu consisted of Hamburgers, french fries & ketchup and peas & carrots...can't forget the veggies :o)


I am pretty sure you can tell by looking at it, but the hamburger is made out of a cupcake cup in half with a brownie for the meat patty. I used colored icing to make the ketchup, lettuce and cheese/mustard and those are real sesame seeds on the top :o)
Peas & skittles and orange starbursts (cut into fourths)...
Fries and ketchup...sugar cookies with sugar sprinkled on top and strawberry jelly with a bit of red food coloring.

The preparation was far from perfect {it is quite difficult to make a meal like this without some little eyes watching,} but I think the goal was attained :o)
It is pretty rare for the girls to eat red meat...In fact, I don't think JuJu has ever had a hamburger. After taking a bite of her hamburger tonight, Sweet Pea said, "I like hamburgers!" Haha!
Little Pumpkin was VERY SERIOUS throughout the meal really isn't her personality to like things out of wack :o)

They loved the supper, but they were suspicious from the beginning. However, I really got them with "dessert!" {Crescent rolls, Boca meat and cheese topped with mashed potatoes.}
Did they honestly think I was giving them another cupcake for dessert?


Life is all about the little things :o)

Hope you had a fun day too!


Renee said...


The Garners said...

You're THE BEST, Amy!!!!! How fun! You inspired me yesterday with your lunch prep...I did just a little joking with R's lunch: I wrapped his granola bar in Christmas paper and wrote Merry Christmas on it, wrote "enjoy your strawberries" on his bag of grapes, put goldfish crackers in an empty onion soup box and (his favorite part)--put a zip lock bag of Oreos inside a (clean) sock (this might onlyappeal to little boys, but socks and underwear are hilarious to him--haha!!). He loved it. Thanks for the fun idea. LOVE the cupcake burgers...that's my kind of meal!

Lisa said...

Love this, Amy! You rock!!

Jason and Erin said...

SL's expression is exactly why I don't do much at our house--Loston can't handle too many "tricks"!