Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 92 - I am Officially...

...a soccer mom. Who'da thought? I may be a soccer mom, but don't expect to see me in a minivan anytime soon :o) No offense to you minivan drivers out there :o)

Sunshine is playing Upward Soccer this Spring. I LOVE the idea behind the league and I am looking forward to a great season.

Here is my sweet baby, ready for her first game...three weeks after her FIRST and ONLY soccer practice :o) Since I have never played soccer before (and her Daddy was at work), I gave her the only advice I could come up with, "Try to kick the ball in the net down there and try not to trip over the ball."

Getting some advice (probably a little more valuable than Mama's) from her coach before the kickoff (she is #5, btw)...

Check out that move! I am not sure where everyone else is, but my baby is lookin' good! Haha!

A little halftime snack...I think a devotion was read over the loud speaker during halftime, but I couldn't really hear it.
Before the game, I was a bit concerned about how Baby Boy would do during the game...unfortunately my concerns were founded.

For some reason, Sunshine decided to do push ups while waiting for her turn to play...
"Push ups"

Bouncing a ball off of her shoulder...

My girl got the defense award after the game and her little brother got the whiny award.


Good job, baby!


The Garners said...

She looks so cute!!!!

I was TIRED after chasing Crosby all during R's game this morning. He really really wanted to go out on the field with the team and got very mad when I wouldn't let him! I might have to watch from the car with binoculars next game--ha! :)

Emy said...

We LOVE Upward! GO HA!!! :o)

Renee said...

I LOVE Upward sports! And I LOVE soccer! Hate minivans too. hahahha