Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 99 - Saturday Fun...

Soccer game. Two families in from out of town, including three cousins. Out to eat. Crazy,loud playing. Birthday cake. Easter baskets. Weeding flower beds. Playing in the dirt. Baths. Supper.

Good Saturday.

We were SO surprised that Daddy took off early to meet us at the game!
Can you believe all of those mosquito bites on Le's face? Ugh!
Easter Baskets...thanks Mimi! (Baby Boy liked his too)

The roly poly/caterpillar farm Sunshine made :o) That girl LOVES bugs!

SO excited that tomorrow is SUNDAY, my favorite day :o)


Heather M. said...

Looks like a fun filled Saturday! I'm sorry about S.L.'s mosquito bites. They're out here already too. I was hoping C's allergy to them would have faded since last summer, but the two bites on her arms last weekend are just now, guess not! Let's just say I've stocked up on repellant. Your girls are getting so big!!! I remember following your blog when you all traveled to VN for S.L.! Happy Sunday! I'm off to get ready for church!

Sistergirl said...

Looks like a hectic Saturday. I really hate the bugs and I hate those bug be gone products too.