Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 121 - It's May!!!

We are sooooooooo looking forward to warm, sunny May days...unfortunately today was not one of them.

We have gotten LOTS of rain over the last 24 hours. Lots. On our way to church this morning, we got a first hand look at what a lot of rain looks like :o) Here is the awesome park by our house...
And this is the overflow parking lot for the park area.
On a "normal" day, this is not a is a wide, open field.

At this point in our drive, we thought the excitement was over..haha! Until we came upon this "situation."
That would be a portion of the highway...gone. I can't even imagine how that happened.

Thank goodness, there is another road to town so we backtracked and took the alternate route. The detour made us too late to make it to the earlier service at church so we decided to go to McDonald's for breakfast and go to the later service. Four little kiddos were perfectly happy with the new plan :o)


After church, we cashed in a gift card daddy won at work at the Olive Garden. The kids LOVED eating at the "fancy" restaurant...haha!!

I am hoping my "weather updates" will come to an end soon :o)


The Garners said...

Those pictures of the park are so crazy!

Good to see y'all today!

Heather M. said...

Oh My Goodness!!! That is crazy water! I knew I saw on the weather where there was tons of rain & flooding...yes, I'd say you've had your share of bad weather for the year!!!! 2nd week of June! YIKES! We had our last co-op day last Mon., so we're officially out for summer. Shhh, don't tell the boys! Their work continues...Hope the sun shines on you guys soon!!!