Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 123 - Big Holes, Visit & SUNSHINE...

The tree guys continued cutting down trees and pulling stumps today. Those stumps are some pesky little boogers and they sure do leave a mess behind...
Sunshine's school was cancelled today due to flooding...we are going to be in school for half of June...boo! Anyways, when she saw this hole, she said, "It sure would be fun to jump in that mud puddle." I watched her extra close for the rest of the day...ha!

Baby boy had a scheduled visit today, but it was another no show from the other side. I will never understand someone just not showing up for an appointment. I understand the need to cancel if something arises, but to just not show up? Ugg! That is so inconsiderate.


We got several good pieces of information today from our insurance adjuster...hubby's car is fixable (WHOO HOO!!!!) and there was no roof damage from the storm (YEA!!!).

We were soooooooo thankful for sunshine today! The little kids got to play outside for the first time since the storm hit (a week ago today)...


Welcome back Sunshine!! We have missed you!


Unknown said...

Wow! We had last minute cancellations but never a flat out no show. I guess other things are more important. Humph!
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Jason and Erin said...

Aren't Midwestern storms weird? Trees down, power out, cars destroyed... and your roof's fine. Unbelievable.