Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 131 - Picnic and Judge...

A few weeks ago, Sunshine's school had a school wide talent show and silent auction. There was no doubt Sunshine wanted to participate in the talent show, but we had a mini-vacation planned for that weekend and she was cool with that :o) Unfortunately, on Monday of that week the storm hit and we just couldn't get things together to make our trip. The deadline for the talent show had passed so that was out too. ANYWAYS, Sunshine knew of some of the the auction items that were available. Her {amazing} teacher was the subject of a few items, such as ice skating with the teacher, a picnic lunch with the teacher, etc...

She mentioned the "picnic lunch with the teacher and five friends" prize a couple times and at the time I didn't realize she thought the prize was that the winner got to eat with the teacher and five of the TEACHER'S friends...hahahaha! Kids are so funny.

She was SO EXCITED this morning when I was going through the papers in her backpack and pulled out an order form for a sonic picnic lunch. I told her that her friend L had won the lunch and we needed to complete the form. She said, "Wow, I am so happy Ms. F***** picked me as one of her friends." Haha! She was confused a bit when I explained to her that her friend L got to pick the friends, not the teacher :o)

I LOVE little kids...they are the best.


We got some sad news this week about Baby Boy's judge. She had been very ill for quite awhile {she had degenerative nerve disease rumored to have been caused by pain meds she took after back surgery}. She died last week at the very young age of 46. So heartbreaking. She was serving her first term as a circuit judge.

So it looks like we should be getting a permanent judge in Baby Boy's case.


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Renee said...

Oh my goodness!! That is so sad about the judge!!

Sunshine's story is ADORABLE!!!