Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 133 - The Streak is Over & Facebook...

Thanks to blogger, the steak is over. From January 1, 2010 until May 11, 2011, I blogged every single day. There were days I was on vacation, days I was without electricity, days I was sick, days I wanted to do anything but blog, but I still managed to post something. But now, thanks to a 21 hour outage by blogger, the steak is over. I feel like a failure...haha!

Amidst the great blogger outage last night, I received an email from Sunshine. Okay, I admit it is kinda crazy to receive an email from your six year old, but there is a reason she has her own email address :o) Just about everything kid related these days has a website and secret code. She finds secret codes in magazines, with her kid's meals, on toys, you get the idea. Most of the websites that she likes to visit encourage the kids to "sign up" with an email address to get a user name which in turn entitles them access to "super fun games." The problem is neither hubby or I ever wanted to give her our email addresses to use...who needs more spam? So, we set one up for her which leads us back the beginning of the story :o)

So I received an email from my six year old that said,

"check your mail on fasebook mommy. you will like it."

She was sitting beside me when I opened the email and read it and I said, "Oh, thanks for the email baby, but you know you can't send me a message on facebook because you don't have an account." Just as those words came out of my mouth, the little red "1" box popped up on the friend icon at the top my facebook page.

Surely not. It couldn't be.

Yes, it was...a friend request from my six year old!!!! I was SHOCKED! How in the world did she set up an account on facebook? Complete with a pic she took with her webcam! I am pretty sure my parents had to get help setting up their account...haha!

I wasn't sure if I should put her in timeout or congratulate her...haha! She put in a false school ("because the facebook people know that kids in elementary school aren't 13") and a false birthday.

Oh boy, am I ever in if I didn't already know that :o)



Renee said...

I'm STILL laughing about Sunshine..hahaha! My niece is the same age. When she was 2 and sitting on my lap, I was typing in my email address and saying it out loud. I said, "rmoak.." and she said, "Dot com". HAHA! I remember thinking..WHAT? You can't hardly SPEAK yet and you know that DOT COM is supposed to go in there somewhere? Sheesh! KIDS today! :)

The Garners said...

That is CUTE!

Laura said...

That is impressive that she even knows about all of that! Logan doesn't have a clue and still has to have help getting in She is too cute!