Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 135 - Forever Family Day!!!

Four years ago today, we picked up Little Pumpkin from an orphanage in Southern Vietnam and took her to the local justice department where we signed papers that made us a family...forever. We met Little Pumpkin two days before on the 13th. On the 13th, she couldn't look at us without crying uncontrollably, literally. On the 14th, she was indifferent to us. On the 15th, she seemed to accept us. On the 16th (and for the next six months), she would not let anyone else to hold her. Today, she is a well adjusted, happy four and a half year old. Our family has been blessed beyond measure by our little Vietnamese sweetie!

As you probably know, I take pictures of Little Pumpkin every year on this date in the outfit she was wearing that day. I just LOVE that the nannies had her dressed in a pair of USA overalls.

Back at the hotel
...and today...

We had a super fun day...I will save that recap for tomorrow :o)


Renee said...

What a CUTIE!!! Happy family anniversary, y'all!!!

Laura said...

Those overalls are still cute on her! Happy family day to you all!!

Tiffany said...

She is absolutely beautiful! We have an ethiopian sweetie. I just love the overall photos - what a fantastic idea!

Be Blessed.